Gleason Corp.
The Phoenix 280G bevel gear grinding machine sets up quickly, including all major parts — grinding wheel, coolant header and work holding — without tools.

Reliability and Simplicity in Gearmaking

Nov. 14, 2013
Clean work chamber Tool-less set-up High-speed spindles Polymer composite column Automatic stock divider

The new Phoenix 280G bevel gear grinding machine “establishes a new benchmark for bevel gear grinding for gears up to 280 mm in diameter,” according to Gleason Corp., and does so with a reliable, highly productive a design that is easy to operate and maintain. 

The new machine has the cleanest work chamber in the industry, the developer stated, noting there are no rails, wires, or pipes in the work chamber to collect swarf. This fact will keep the chamber clean, and reduce maintenance requirements.

Continuing, Gleason indicated the machine is available for rapid set-up, and all major set-up items can be completed without tools, including the grinding wheel, coolant header and work holding. The coolant header has small blocks that can easily be swapped out by hand, while the grinding wheel can be released hydraulically.

Some of the other significant features of the Phoenix 280G are:
Reliability.  The well-designed work chamber ensures optimal swarf evacuation. The wheel dresser, for example, ‘telescopes’ completely out of the chamber to reduce the wiring/piping typically found there. The tool-less, quick-change coolant header design features a laser guidance device that makes part-to-part pipe alignment more efficient and repeatable.
Productivity.  High-speed direct-drive spindles combine with quick-change wheel, arbor and coolant header designs and automatic stock dividing (simultaneously with wheel dressing) to speed floor-to-floor time.
Accuracy. The PhoenixMonolithic column is cast from an advanced polymer composite material to achieve very high thermal stability and damping characteristics — and that rigidity promotes high accuracy in operation.
Easy operation, maintenance.  Equipped with Fanuc 30i or Siemens 840D CNC, and Gleason’s user-friendly software lets even less experienced operators function effectively. The  Phoenix design simplifies installation, integration with robots and gantry-type automation, and maintenance.
Automatic stock divider.  The 280G’s automatic stock divider, mounted close to the workspindle, helps to ensure consistently high quality finished gears. The unit automatically determines the tooth slot position of the pre-finished gear to provide accurate and reliable stock division, helping eliminate operator errors.

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