A Reishauer RZ300E precision gear grinder at Niagara Gear Corp., in Buffalo. The addition of Niagara Gear brings capabilities like custom precision gearmaking to the Gear Motions organization.

Gear Motions Buys Niagara Gear

Jan. 19, 2014
Expands custom gear business 40% Presence in military, aerospace markets Adds employees to ESOP

Syracuse-based Gear Motions Inc. is expanding its organization with the purchase of Niagara Gear Corp., which manufactures ground spur, helical, and pump gears for customers worldwide. The value of the purchase was not announced.

Gear Motions already has two plants in Buffalo -- Oliver Gear and Pro-Gear -- as well as Nixon Gear in Syracuse. The buyer stated it expects to expand its custom precision gear business by nearly 40% with the additional capacity.

Niagara Gear has a very strong presence in markets we have not traditionally served, such as the military and the aerospace high-speed pump gear markets,” stated Gear Motions president Dean Burrows. “When combined, these great companies will make Gear Motions perhaps the largest U.S. precision gear manufacturer for the commercial and industrial air-end compressor market.”

Gear Motions Inc. is an employee-owned company specializing in precision-ground gears, including precision-cut spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears, and various types of belt sprockets, timing pulleys, and splines.

Niagara Gear owner and president Matthew Babisz, is retiring. “I am pleased that Gear Motions will keep the Niagara Gear employee base intact and incorporate our workers into the Gear Motions Employee Stock Ownership Plan,” he said.

Robert Barden, Niagara Gear vice president and general manager will continue to run its day-to-day operations.

“This acquisition complements our existing businesses while allowing us to provide more services and capabilities to both sets of customers,” stated Sam Haines, CEO of Gear Motions. “It enables Gear Motions to offer more precision applications to a wider customer base, and also permits Niagara Gear to supply larger ground and cut spur and helical gears to its existing customers through its new sister company, Oliver Gear.”

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