The Boeing A-10 Thunderbolt is a twin-engine jet for close air support of ground forces. It may be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles.

CPI Aero Awarded Extension for Boeing Contract

Dec. 3, 2013
Program replaces wings, extends jets’ service Work in New York, Georgia, Utah WRP budgeted at $1.1 billion

CPI Aerostructures Inc. has new purchase orders worth over $15 million from Boeing Defense, Space & Security to supply assemblies for the U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft. These are follow-on orders for the long-term contract that CPI Aero announced earlier this year, which is part of the A-10 Wing Replacement Program (WRP.)  St.Louis-based Boeing Defense is one of the OEM's business units, developing aircraft and defense systems for the U.S. and other nations' defense programs.

The WRP will replace 233 sets of A-10 wings that are nearing the end of their structural and economic service life. In 2007, Boeing was awarded a $1.1 billion contract to build replacement wings at its Macon, Ga., plant. Boeing contracted Korean Aerospace Industries to build the outer wing sections. All wing sections, including two support kits, are assembled at Hill AFB in Utah, for installation on the jets.

Refitting the fleet with new wings will improve the mission availability of A-10s by an estimated 4%, Boeing said, and will help the Air Force save an estimated $1.3 billion in maintenance costs over 30 years.  

CPI Aero is an Edgewood, N.Y., manufacturer of structural aircraft parts for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in the commercial and defense markets. Among the programs it supplies are Northrop Grumman’s E-2D Advanced Hawkeye surveillance aircraft, Boeing’s A-10 Thunderbolt attack jet, the Gulfstream G650, the United Technologies UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, an many others.

In September, Boeing announced an order for 56 replacement wings for the A-10 program. The full contract calls for Boeing to build up to 242 wings in Macon.

This order is valued at $212 million, and ensures that the A-10 fleet will operate into 2035.

CPI Aero’s will produce various structural assemblies for up to 242 enhanced wings.

Including these orders, CPI Aero said it is on track to deliver 167 ship sets for the A-10 WRP program.

Including these orders, year-to-date contract awards from all customers total approximately $101.9 million, compared to approximately $69.9 million through November 30, 2012. The current year represents a record for new contract awards, CPI Aero said: 2013 year-to-date total awards is approximately $18 million higher than the previous record year, 2011, when new contracts totaled $83.6 million.

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