The fiveaxis functionality of the D800Z helps to minimize setup time because it provides greater access for milling complex features and dimensions Also Makinorsquos proprietary SGI4 software supports highfeedrate tighttolerance machining of contoured shape and promotes higher production rates than standard CNC systems while maintaining high accuracy

Sustained Accuracy for Large-Part Production

Oct. 16, 2013
Recommended for die/mold, aerospace production Minimize set-up time Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) Programming with tool compensation

Makino introduced a five-axis vertical machining center as a new entry for its D-Series designs for high-performance job shops, precision part machining, and applications in die/mold and aerospace parts manufacturing. Like the D-Series’ D300 and D500 machines, the new D800Z offers easy access to the spindle and table; a rigid structure for responsive cutting and quality surface finishes; and optional automation devices. Workpieces of up to 1,000 mm in diameter and weighing up to 1,200 kg can be machined in five axes, with great efficiency and fewer operations for reduced production time.

The D800Z has a two-sided front-door design, so the spindle and table are easy to access, and its footprint is just 3,200 x 5,070 x 3,600 mm.

“Large-part, five-axis machining presents numerous challenges, due to the size, weight and range of features found on large components,” said Bill Howard, Makino’s VMC product line manager. “The D800Z five-axis machine provides new levels of sustained dynamic accuracy, achieved through technologies that are very productive, yet minimize thermal influences and maximize volumetric accuracy.”

The five-axis capability of the D800Z can be used to minimize set-up time in five-face milling mode, because it offers wider access to complex, multisided parts, thereby reducing cycle times. It also addresses other demanding requirements of die-and-mold machining, like angular features, blending, matching, executing fine-surface finishes and achieving 3D accuracy.

The integral, direct-drive motor design of the D800Z’s fourth and fifth axes and rigid supporting machine structure mean it is able to maintain productive speed and execute smooth motion, further ensuring process accuracy — even with large workpieces and payloads up to 1,200kg.

The machine’s core-cooled ball screws, temperature control of the direct-drive motors, and massive machine structure offer thermal stability that guarantees sustained accuracy over time.

The novel “Z” shape of the tilt-trunnion table ensures that the center of gravity for the table and work are always captured within the center of rotation of the B- and C-axes. Large-diameter bearings minimize table deflection and provide stiffness and rigidity, regardless of the angular and rotary position of the work. The direct-drive motor design provides the speed for productivity and precision for tight-tolerance work.

Configurable Spindle, Precision Control

The D800Z can be configured with two different spindle combinations: D800Z (#40) and D800Z (#50). The D800Z (#40) offers a standard Cat #40 (or optional HSK-A63) 14,000-rpm spindle. As an option, the D800Z (#40) can also be configured with a 20,000-rpm HSK-A63 spindle.

The D800Z (#40) incorporates a 40-tool magazine.

The D800Z (#50) offers a standard Cat #50 (or optional HSK-A100) 12,000-rpm spindle. As an option, the D800Z (#50) can also be configured with an 18,000-rpm HSK-A100 spindle.

The D800Z (#50) incorporates a 48-tool magazine. The range of spindle offerings lets the operator customize the machine for various machining projects. Feed rates of 36,000 mm/min. on the X-, Y- and Z-axes, and 18,000°/min. (50 rpm) on the B- and X-axes ensure productivity.

Also featured on the D800Z is Makino’s proprietary Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) software—developed specifically for high-feedrate, tight-tolerance machining of complex 3-D, contoured shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data. According to the developer, this ensures production rates faster than standard CNC systems, while maintaining high accuracy. SGI.4 helps to achieve low cycle times and keep costs low by reducing machining cycle times on dies, complex cavities and cores, and aerospace parts by as much as 40 percent, when compared to most other control technologies.

Five-Axis Functions

The D800Z has a number of new programming functions specific to five-axis machining, including Tool Center Point (TCP) control, which makes it possible to program according to the tool tip, applying tool-compensation features.

Other TCP developments improve the cutter path to achieve greater surface quality.

Dedicated, user-friendly screens will simplify the overall application of five-axis machining, and easy-to-apply functions are available to prevent interference between the spindle and trunnion during automatic operation, eliminating collisions.

The D800Z has a two-sided front-door design for easy access to the spindle and table for setup purposes, and a large window, for better visibility. The machine’s compact size — 3,200 x 5,070 x 3,600 mm — minimizes the floor space requirements, and its intelligent design simplifies maintenance tasks.

The D800Z was designed to lower a shop’s operating costs by reducing energy consumption. To save energy costs, the machine has an “eco mode” that turns off peripheral devices when they are not needed. The energy-saving coolant system includes an inverter-driven coolant pump that supplies precisely the required flow rate and timing for each function. And, the hydraulic unit, with its accumulator, ensures zero power consumption when the pump is idle.