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All axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews, with a double pretension design that emphasizes positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. All ballscrews are connected directly to the servo drive motors without gears or belts, to eliminate backlash. Rapid movement — X and Y = 1,418 ipm (36 m/min), Z = 1,182 ipm (30 m/min — is accomplished by linear motion guide ways in all three axes.

Performance and Affordability in New Vertical Machine

Oct. 10, 2013
Rigidity and precision Big Plus spindle, through-spindle coolant 30-tool swing arm ATC

A new vertical machining model has been added to Hyundai WIA’s Value Master CNC series: the F650VM was developed for performance and affordability, and offered with several high-performance options.  The standard design of the multi-axis F650VM — X-axis, 51.2 in.; Y-axis, 26.4 in.; and Z-axis, 25 in. — includesa swing-arm tool changer that holds 30 tools, Thru Spindle coolant delivery, a Big Plus spindle,-Rigid Tapping, and a 10.4-in. color LCD.

The machine’s designers indicate the Value Master F650VM is well suited for small- to mid-sized job shops, yet capable of handling high-volume, 24/7 machining projects. 

The bed, column and saddle of Hyundai WIA’s Value Master Series are designed using finite element analysis to ensure powerful cutting and agility, and built from Meehanite cast iron to ensure the structural rigidity that will absorb vibration and endure heavy-duty cutting without risk of deformation.

All machine axes are driven by high-precision double-nut ballscrews, and thedouble pretension design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. All ballscrews are connected directly to the servo drive motors without gears or belts, to reduce backlash. High-speed movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways in all three axes, which promotes productivity by reducing non-cutting time and decreasing machining time.

Traverse movements are quoted as 1,418 ipm (36 m/min) in X- and Y-axes, and 1,182 ipm (30 m/min) in Z-axis.

Big, Cool Spindle

Hyundai Wia’s standard Big Plus spindle system (BBT #40) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder. This increases tool rigidity, reduces run out and adds significant productivity to any machining applications, according to the builder.

The F650 Value Master is configured with a 25-hp, 10,000-rpm spindle that achieves deep cuts at high speeds.Ultra precision angular bearings provide high-speed acceleration and deceleration, for smooth machining at high speed.  The main spindle maintains minimalnoise and vibration even at very cutting speeds, guaranteeing extremely stable machining and minimizing thermal transmission to the main spindle.

The machine’s builders included Thru Spindle Coolant as a standard feature, which is an important function for deep hole drilling because it will divert chip flow from the cutting surface. Thru Spindle Coolant also helps to increase tool life and decrease cycle time.

The sidemounted swing-arm tool changer, with a 30-tool capacity, helps to optimize performance and promote productivity with tool-change times of 1.5 second, tool-to-tool. Setup time is reduced and run times can be longer, especially if loaded with redundant tools. 

The automatic tool changer and magazine are separated by a shutter system that closes during machining, thus keeping chips and fluids clear of the ATC and magazine.  When a tool change is required, machining stops, the shutter opens, the ATC exchanges old tool for new, the shutter door then closes and machining begins again. 

The F650VMis easy to program and operate thanks to Fanuci-Series CNC control, featuring a standard 10.4-in. color LCD display.

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