RBC Bearings Inc. produces large-diameter cylindrical and ball bearings. Climax Metal Products adds shaft collars, couplings, and other industrial bearing products.

RBC Bearings Buys Climax Metal Products

Aug. 19, 2013
Est. $13.6-million purchase Adds shaft collars, rigid couplings, industrial bearings

RBC Bearings Incorporated is buying Climax Metal Products Company for about $13.6 million, adding a new range of products to its manufacturing capabilities. Connecticut-based RBC produces engineered precision plain, roller and ball bearings for industrial, defense, and aerospace industries; CMP manufactures precision shaft collars, rigid couplings, keyless locking devices, and industrial bearings for the industrial markets.

RBC chairman and CEO Dr. Michael J. Hartnett said the purchase supports a “long-term growth strategy as we continue to expand and complement our existing product portfolio, customer base, and distribution channels.”

RBC Bearings is focused mainly on producing high-tech bearings. Earlier this year it discontinued large-bearing production, and planned to combine two bearings plants.

RBC also acquired Western Precision Aero LLC, a California manufacturer of precision gears and similar products for aerospace and industrial markets.

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