Induacutestrias Romi introduced two new turning centers this month at Brazilrsquos Feimafe 2013 exhibition The GL 400 turns parts up to 400 mm diameter and 1000 mm long

Romi Expands Turning Series, Emphasizes Productivity

June 10, 2013
GL 400 turning center, for medium/high-volume production VTL 700MR vertical turning center, for versatility

Indústrias Romi S.A., the Brazilian machine tool designer and builder, introduced several new turning centers recently at the Feimafe 2013 exhibition in São Paulo. "We worked hard to surprise our visitors at Feimafe 2013,” noted Hermes Lago, Romi’s Machine Tools business director. “They will be able to know our efforts in expanding and improving our Romi GL and Romi VTL line of horizontal and vertical turning centers.”

The Brazilian group makes considerable investments in new produce research and development, which it credits for the “robust, reliable and high-precision machines that are also very efficient and offers great flexibility for the most varied machining operations.”

The VTL 700MR performs milling, drilling and tapping, as well as vertical turning.

It further emphasized that its machines provide manufacturers with the productivity necessary to be globally competitive.

In addition to building machine tools, Romi develops and produces machines for plastic processing, and is one of that market’s largest producers of unfinished and machined castings. It emphasized that the new turning centers it introduced at Feimafe 2013 demonstrate the higher capacity, greater machining power, and versatility of its designs.

The first of the new machines is the Romi GL 400 turning center, powered by a 30-hp motor and able to turn parts up to 400 mm diameter and 1,000 mm long. The GL turning center series was designed for medium- and high-volume production, with great efficiency and productivity.

Another introduction is Romi VTL 700MR vertical turning center. It has a 46-hp motor, making it capable of plate turning parts up to 700 mm diameter.

The VTL 700MR is capable of milling, drilling and tapping operations, too, improving its contribution to shop productivity.

Romi also introduced an 828D CNC control platform for its lightweight Centur turning centers.

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