FederalMogul produces largebore piston rings for industrial engines in cast ductile iron or chromium steel The part design material and coatings are customized to optimize performance extend service life and minimize maintenance

Federal-Mogul in New JV for Piston Rings in China

March 3, 2013
Second large-bore ring plant in China Changsha Zhengsheng plant to be updated New market access

Federal-Mogul Corporation is establishing a joint venture to manufacture large-bore piston rings in Changsha, China, mainly for industrial-engine manufacturers there and in other Asian markets. The new JV, Federal-Mogul Zhengsheng (Changsha) Piston Ring Co. Ltd., will supply high-technology piston rings primarily for four-stroke industrial engines used in commercial shipping, railroad, energy and off-road industries.

Michigan-based Federal-Mogul did not indicate the value of its investment, but it noted it would be its second large-bore ring plant in China, and would expand its current product range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke industrial rings. The company has multiple product lines for automotive, commercial vehicle, and industrial and heavy-duty engines (marine, rail, aerospace, power generation).

Federal-Mogul’s partner is Changsha Zhengsheng Piston Ring Ltd., which is contributing its own plant to the venture. It’s a 25,000-sq.m. operation in the Changsha Industrial and Technological Development Zone, in Hunan province, in the southeastern part of China.

Federal-Mogul indicated it would update the plant’s production lines to produce four-stroke rings, and introduce new product technology, including chrome-ceramic coatings. The value and scale of those projects have not been described.

"The market for leading technology and world-class large-bore rings is growing as there is increasing demand for industrial engines to meet the latest emissions standards," stated Federal-Mogul (China) Co. vice president, Weibo Weng. "This new investment is another important step for Federal-Mogul to localize the supply of globally recognized Goetze and Daros large-bore rings."

In reciprocating engines (diesel, gasoline, or other), a piston ring is a split device inserted in a groove on a piston’s outer diameter, to seal the chamber, transfer heat, and regulate coolant consumption. Federal-Mogul notes that high-quality piston rings are critical to efficient operation of high-demand industrial engines with multi-year duty cycles. It engineers and supplies piston rings and other critical components to industrial engine manufacturers that include MAN, Wartsila, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, and MTU.

For large-bore engines, Federal-Mogul’s piston rings are produced in cast ductile iron or chromium steel, and coated with chromium, CKS, plasma coatings, physical vapor deposition (PVD), or twin layer coatings. It explained that material properties, coating performance, and ring design are customized to maximize service life and minimize maintenance.

The rings are marketed for distribution under its Goetze and Daros brands.

"We look forward to providing products and services to existing customers of Changsha Zhengsheng and to further expand our product portfolio to offer a wide range of high-technology piston rings to customers throughout China and Asia," Weng continued. "This joint venture gives us new market access and enhances the products and services available to customers in the region."

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