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The new MFP 50 is the smallest Maumlgerle machine with a compact and symmetrical traversing sliding column design precision preloaded ball screws and hydrostatic guideway bearings to ensures high static dynamic and thermal stability

Compact Five-Axis Grinder with Integral Wheel/Tool Changing

Dec. 13, 2012
Integrated automatic tool changer Hydrostatic wrap-around guideways Digital controls simplify setup, programming, and operation

United Grinding Technologies is introducing the Mägerle MFP 50 5-axis CD grinding center, with an automatic grinding wheel and tool changer, making it one of the most flexible, multi-tasking CD grinders in the Mägerle family.

The new MFP 50 is the smallest machine in the Mägerle line and is capable of multiple configurations, according to the application. The compact and symmetrical traversing sliding column design, together with precision pre-loaded ball screws and wide hydrostatic guideway bearings, ensure high static, dynamic, and thermal stability.

United Grinding Technologies Inc. is the North American arm of the Körber-Schleifring Group and supplies Blohm, EWAG, Jung, Mägerle, Mikrosa, Schaudt, Studer, and Walter machining and tooling brands. Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik manufactures high-powered grinding systems according to standardized modular machine components for simple or complex surface and profile grinding. Its machines are deployed for high-performance applications in the turbine, automotive and hydraulic industries, as well as electronic and medical markets.

Grind, mill, and drill in one setup —The new MFP 50 includes an integrated automatic tool changer that can switch wheels in eight seconds using a swing arm configuration. Maximum tool dimensions are 300 x 60 x 76.2 mm, and wheel/tool changer capacity (depending on the diameter) is 10 to 30 conventional grinding wheels, plated or ceramic bonded CBN wheels as well as drilling and milling tools.

A HSK-80 wheel flange system maintains the rigidity and precision needed for close-tolerance parts with high surface-finish requirements.  Tool options include vitrified CBN, plated CBN, conventional grinding wheels and various other metal cutting options.

The machine is equipped with an overhead mounted, two-axis CD diamond dresser with horizontal and vertical NC axis to accommodate several diamond rolls with various profiles, for CD or non-CD, as well as for CNC dressing with a disc.  The grinding wheels with different profiles are always on the same spindle position.

Wrap-around hydrostatic guideways —An important design detail of the MFP 50 are its guideways.  Mägerle developed hydrostatic wrap-around guideways utilized in the Y-axis.  These are 100 percent wear-free and offer high rigidity and load capacity, optimum smoothness and vibration dampening and maximum precision and process reliability. All main axes of the MFP 50 can rapid traverse at 20,000 mm/min (790 ipm). X-axis travel is 500 mm, Y-axis spindle travel is 660 mm and Z-axis travel is 660 mm.

Digital control —The MFP 50 features Siemens Sinumerik 840D digital controls, so machine operation, setup, changeover, dressing and programming of complex parts are easy to accomplish through the operator-friendly control.

Typical applications for the MFP 50 grinding machine include turbine vanes and blades, small turbine and compressor blades, machining both sides of fir tree and root shank faces, and shroud and z-notch profiles — both sides and slots, if required. The automatic tool changer makes it possible to use the right abrasive for each feature: plated CBN for radial slots; vitrified CBN for blade W-forms; conventional abrasives for radial slots; and blade fir trees.

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