The Mega8800 is a horizontal machining center for heavyduty machining of materials such as Inconel or titanium

Heavy-Duty HMC for Hard Metal Cutting

Oct. 10, 2012
Continuous 4,000-rpm, 100-hp integral motor spindle Table rotates 90 degrees in 3.2 seconds Cam-driven tool changing, 60-tool magazine

Among more than 20 high-performance CNC machines that Mazak exhibited at IMTS 2012, the Mega-8800 horizontal machine stands out for its highly rigid design that makes the heavy-duty machining of tough materials — like Inconel and titanium —efficient, accurate and productive.

While it’s built for stability, the Mega-8800 also deploys a continuous 4,000-rpm, 100-hp (74 kW) integral motor spindle that generates 774 ft-lbs of torque. It achieves a rapid traverse rate of 1,219 ipm in the X and Z axes, and 1,016 ipm in the Y-axis. Also, with 5,530 ft-lbs of torque in the X and Z axes, and 5,800 ft-lbs in the Y-axis, it provides the thrust necessary for heavy-duty cutting.

Machine travels measure 55 in. (1,400 mm) in X, 47 in. (1,200 mm) in Y and 52 in. (1,325 mm) in Z, and the Mega-8800 incorporates Mazak’s MX Hybrid roller-guide system, achieving durability and reliability that support machining accuracy over the long-term. This way system also increases vibration dampening, extends tool life, handles higher load capacities, and eliminates tramp oil in the coolant thanks to a “greener,” grease-based lubrication system, according to the machine builder.

Precision, four-axis indexing and machining is accomplished because the Mega-8800’s NC rotary table rotates 90 degrees in 3.2 seconds and features one-degree minimum increments. The table has 360-degree position coupling and accommodates workpieces up to 57 in. (1,450 mm) in diameter and 57 in. (1,450 mm) high.

Cam-driven tool changing on the Mega-8800 reduces non-cut times by ensuring reliable, 5-second cycles, “chip-to-chip,” according to Mazak. The machine has a 60-tool automatic magazine, and accommodates maximum tool diameters of 10.24 in. (260 mm).

Programming of multiple surfaces is made simple on the Mega-8800 thanks to Mazak’s Windows 7-based Matrix Nexus 2 CNC control. The control responds to both conversational and EIA/ISO instruction, so programming for C-axis, Y-axis, and angle machining is simplified. Matrix also provides realistic 3D machining simulations, time-study analyses, and the Mazak Voice Advisor, which assists operators to make initial operations during setup smoother and safer.

The Mega-8800 has a standard two-pallet changer and pre-engineered to interface with Mazak’s Palletech manufacturing system, for unattended operation. The machine’s pallet size is 31.5 in. X 31.5 in. (800 mm X 800 mm), with a maximum load capacity of 4,850 lbs (2,200 kg).

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