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The Romi GL 170G slantbed CNC turning center

IMTS 2012: More Efficient, Reliable, Productive Lathes

Aug. 27, 2012
GL 170G, for mid- to high-volume manufacturers GL 280M, with 12-station turret, for drilling, milling, and tapping C 1000 big-bore CNC lathe for oilfield parts / components D 1250 with large worktable, forparts over 3,000-lbs

Romi Machine Tools Ltd. will be demonstrating four machines at IMTS, including its newest slant bed, ganged tooled, CNC turning center — and a new, big-bore heavy-duty CNC lathe. “We’re excited to show off our new machines,” according to Michael Langford, Romi’s vice president for sales for North America. “Over the past few years, Romi has completely redesigned its product lines for greater efficiency, reliability and productivity and we look forward to presenting our new models to the industry.”

Based in Brazil and with a U.S. base of operations in Northern Kentucky, Romi is one of the world’s largest machine tool builders with an installed base of over 150,000 machines. It manufactures metalcutting machine tools, as well as plastic injection molding machinery, and its captive foundry supplies castings for its own line of machine tools as well as for other customers worldwide.

The Romi GL 170G with ganged tooling is aimed at mid- to high-volume manufacturers. It is supplied with a high-torque, 15-hp motor, A2-5 spindle nose with 2-in. bar capacity, and a 60° slant bed design that allows easy access to tooling and work pieces. The swing is 410 mm (16.64 in.) with a 170 mm (6.69 in.) maximum cutting diameter. Its worktable has three T-Slots for tool positioning and tool holders can accommodate thru-tool coolant and driven tools.

The machine to be exhibited at IMTS will be fitted with a bar feeder and parts catcher.

A larger GL series machine, the GL 280M, with 12-station turret also will be on display. This machine will be equipped with VDI tooling offering flexibility for drilling, milling, and tapping operations on one machine. The GL 280 is supplied with an A2-6 or A2-8 spindle nose with 3-in. bar capacity. Its swing is 440 mm (17.32 in.) and its maximum cutting diameter is 280mm (11.02 in.)

Romi also will introduce a new C 1000, heavy-duty, big-bore CNC lathe for machining parts and components used in oilfield applications. As its model name implies, this is a large, 1-meter swing machine, and can be ordered in center distances of 2 to 5 meters. The C 1000 comes with an A2-20-in. spindle nose with a 375 mm (14.76 in.) bore. It can be ordered with the standard, manual four-station turret, an optional electrically driven four-station turret or an 8-station turret with VDI 50 tooling (as the machine exhibited at IMTS will be.)

The fourth Romi machine to be displayed will be a vertical machining center, the D 1,250. The D 1250 has an X-axis travel of 1,270 mm, 1,320 x 560mm worktable, and 10,000 RPM spindle. It will be equipped with a 30-station automatic tool changer, and can handle parts weighing over 3,000 lbs.

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