The VTC 5000 is an adjustable rail model with a cross rail that is both an infinitely variable positioning and a machining axis a combination typically not found on machines of this type

Customized, Large-Dimension VTCs Generating Interest

Aug. 15, 2012
Machines have hydrostatic tables engineered for extreme loads X/Z traverse rate is 20 m/min; Full X-axis travel right/left of center; W-axis machining improves part geometries Made in U.S.A. simplifies logistics

A MAG VTC 5000, the first machine from the machine tool builder’s new series of giant vertical turning centers — 5- to 8-meter table sizes — will complete its runoff soon at the company’s plant in Fond du Lac, Wis. From there, it will be shipped to a U.S. manufacturer of power generation equipment.

The new machine’s five-meter hydrostatic table is engineered to support extremely heavy loads up to 150,000 kg (330,000 lbs), while turning parts at up to 75 rpm.

“North American manufacturers in nuclear and wind energy, mining and construction are all scaling up their equipment. We are taking our product development in that same direction,” explained MAG’s Helene Nimmer, director of proposals and product management. “The major components of our large VTCs weigh in excess of 25,000 kg (50,000 lbs) each and can be more than 14 m (48 ft) long.

“As a U.S. builder of these supersize machines, we can reduce the customer lead-time and simplify logistics,” Nimmer continued, “which can be a costly challenge for machines of this size built by offshore manufacturers. We are also positioned to provide quicker and more comprehensive service and parts support as an established global company.”

The VTC 5000 is an adjustable rail model, with a cross rail that is an infinitely variable positioning and a machining axis — a combination typically not found on machines of this type. The X/Z traverse rate is 20 m/min (787 ipm) and the rail-elevating rate is a brisk 2,000 mm/min (78 ipm). Full X-axis travel right and left of center allows machining from both sides and accommodates probing of diameters. W-axis machining provides improved part geometries, while the hydrostatic ram’s high dynamic stiffness allows heavy cuts and produces better surface finishes.

MAG’s new series of large-table VTCs includes 6-meter, 7-meter and 8-meter models. The 7- and 8-meter table models have a load capacity of 250,000 kg (550,000 lbs). All models in the large-table VTC series have industry-leading power/speed performance, with S1 (continuous duty) table power of 200 kW (267 hp.) These large VTCs have a modular design that is capable of various combinations of standard modules, to customize machine for specific customer applications.

These versatile VTCs can be equipped with an optional live spindle for grinding, milling, drilling, and tapping capabilities, as well as a C-axis for full contouring. Various tool tapers, including KM 80, Capto C8 and 50 taper are available. The tool magazine is ergonomically designed, allowing floor level tool change-out and eliminating the need for ladders or platforms.

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