New 5-Axis Wire EDM for High-Quality Finishes

June 7, 2012
New AccuteX machine designed for stability, flexibility, ease-of-use

A new wire EDM machine is available form Absolute Machine Tools Inc.’s AccuteX EDM business unit. The SP-300iA 5-axis CNC machine is designed with advanced “microsparking technology,” the MST-II function that improves part finishes, in particular for applications like aerospace and medical components that call for low recast and fine finishes.

The SP-300iA machine is built with its U-V axis mechanism in a cabinet above the working area, optimizing rigidity and protecting it against humidity and physical damage. Absolute Machine Tools reported that the machine is built with a Meehanite cast honeycomb base to establish exceptional rigidity, and has highly ribbed column structure mounted with oversized UVZ axis and reinforced lower arm for additional stiffness. All the castings are stabilized and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure maximum strength, precision, and durability, according to the supplier.

The X, Y, Z working range is 13.8×9.8×8.7 in., and U and V axes are both 3.15 in. The U-V axis mechanism is placed in a cabinet above the working area, assuring optimal rigidity, and protection from humidity and physical damage. The axes are driven by closed-loop AC servo motors with 0.000004 in. resolution and controlled by a linear glass scale feedback system. The SP-300iA also incorporates the new ball-retainer type guideways that reduce 90% of friction variation compared to conventional guideways, Absolute Machine Tools said.

The workpiece mounting table is made of hardened stainless steel, is easy to access, and is designed as a standard clamping system to reduce setup time. The table can accommodate most commercial fixturing systems.

All the operations relating to wire handling have been simplified on the SP-300iA, according to the developer. The machine is equipped with an annealing, fully automatic wire threading system with a tip disposal unit. AccuteX said its patent-pending, servo-controlled wire threading technology, together with multi-detectors, makes it the fastest and most reliable AWT system now available.

AccuteX EDM is the exclusive North American importer for builders AccuteX Technologies, which offers wire and die sinker EDM machines in the United States and Canada. All of the wire EDM technology in-house by AccuteX Technologies, with Windows-based CE controls and auto wire threading. AccuteX Technologies also offers machines with 6-axis control with 5-axis simultaneous interpolation for aerospace and medical-class operating performance.

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