Boosting Accuracy, Productivity via Mill/Turn Versatility

May 10, 2012
Debut for Mazak multi-tasking machine responds to need for short turnarounds, cost efficiency

This week Machinery Systems Inc. in Brookfield, Wis., is demonstrating a new multi-tasking machine, a just-in-time introduction that responds to machine shops’ and manufacturers’ need to meet shorter turnaround times and greater cost efficiencies — as expected of globally competitive suppliers. The Mazak Integrex j-300 multi-tasking machine offers manufacturers a system that will increase accuracy and productivity thanks to its versatility for turning and milling.

Machinery Systems Inc. is a distributor of Mazak machining centers, as well as a source of used machine tools.
The Mazak Integrex j-300 Multi-Tasking Machine has 12,000-rpm milling spindle with B-axis indexing, as well as full Y-axis travel and a standard 20-tool magazine.

The first element promoting greater versatility is the Integrex j-300’s standard 20-tool magazine (36- or 72-tool magazines are available options), which increases spindle utilization. The machine’s main turning spindle with C-axis control and 10” chuck capability delivers 25 hp, 4,000-rpm for handling even the most demanding metal removal applications.

The Integrex j-300 has a 30-hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle that allows for 4-axis simultaneous machining plus 5-axis tool tip positioning indexed in 5° (or optional 1°) increments from –30° to 190° (B-axis control). This capability makes it possible to perform O.D. machining, as well as turning, facing, grooving and threading with the same flash tool. It also increases the efficiency of incline machining as well as all other conventional machining processes. Because of its ample Y-axis stroke of 9.84 in., the Integrex j-300 has a larger machining envelope and extended tool reach with minimum interference, and chip evacuation is much more efficient as compared with conventional turn/mill slant bed lathes.

Additionally, the milling spindle can be radially indexed and clamped, so the same tool can be used to turn in both forward and reverse directions. Also, because the machine is built for exceptional rigidity and endowed with new, high-response servomotors, the Integrex j-300 is capable of achieving highly repeatable tool-tip positioning.

The Integrex j-300 features Mazak’s MX Hybrid Roller Guide System, which dampens vibration to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quicker to shorten cycle times.

As part of Mazak’s “Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the Integrex j-300 is a Level 3 machine – those highlighting independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as full Y-axis travels and tool storage magazines. Mazak categorizes its MTM technologies according to their production priorities, so manufacturers can match machine functions to part processing requirements. Machine features within the other four MTM levels range from single spindle and rotating tool capabilities (Level 1) and Y-axis off-center machining (Level 2), to machines that provide full, simultaneous 5-axis capability (Level 4) and "Ultra-Tasking" machines with additional specialized machining functions (Level 5.)

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