Versatile MTM Offers Large-Component Capacity

March 1, 2012
Mazak Integrex j-400 employs multi-tool magazine for flexibility in processing parts
The Mazak Integrex j-400 is a versatile, multi-tasking machine for processing large and complex components.

Mazak calls its Integrex j-400 a “technologically innovative” machine that provides multi-tasking machining for large and complex components. It is capable of four-axis simultaneous machining with five-axis tool tip positioning, which promotes productivity, accuracy, and flexibility. In a design variation for multi-tasking machines, which typically have drum-style turrets, the Mazak Integrex j-400 is supplied with a standard 20-tool magazine (36- and 72-tool magazines optional) to promote versatility in part production. The machine’s main turning spindle with C-axis control features a 12-in. chuck mounted on a 30-hp (22-kW), 3,300-rpm integral spindle that generates high levels of torque.

The Integrex j-400 also includes a 30-hp (22-kW), 12,000-rpm milling spindle that can be indexed in 5° (or optional 1°) increments from –30° to 190°, so it is able to perform O.D. machining, as well as turning, facing, grooving and threading with the same flash tool. It also makes it easy to perform incline machining and all other conventional machining processes. Also, the milling spindle can be radially indexed and clamped, enabling the same tool to be used for turning in forward and reverse directions.

The machine has a compact design — 166.93 × 106.50 in. (4,240 × 2,705 mm) footprint — but it has a maximum machining diameter of 19.7 in. (500 mm) and maximum length of 24.76 in. (629 mm), with minimal tool interference for large workpieces. Its long axis strokes allow face milling, end milling and drilling to take place above and below the centerline without C-axis indexing. In addition, the machine’s true Y-axis design allows for a larger machine envelope and tool reach, reduced interference, and excellent chip evacuation when compared to conventional machines.

Mazak explained that the machine is built for high rigidity and features new, “high-response” servomotors, so its capable of highly repeatable tool-tip positioning. It incorporates Mazak’s MX hybrid roller guide system that is durable and reliable, promoting accuracy. This system increases vibration dampening to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quickly to shorten cycle times. It also consumes less oil, so it is a “green” design feature, and its maintenance are requirements are minimized.

Programming of multiple part surfaces on the Integrex j-Series is made easy with Mazak’s Matrix Nexus CNC control, which performs with both conversational and EIA/ISO programming, and simplifies programming for C-axis, Y-axis and angle machining. According to the developer, Matrix also provides realistic 3D machining simulations, time study analysis, and the Mazak Voice Advisor, which assists operators during set up to make initial operations smoother and safer.

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