Mobile Abrasive Waterjet System for On-Site Cutting

May 19, 2011
OMAX table is sturdy and transportable for oilfield, construction, shipyard, and other remote operations
The mobile JetMachining® center is easy to set up at a worksite, thanks to commercially available components and auxiliary units, and quick-disconnects for air, power, and water.

OMAX Corp. has developed a new waterjet cutting machine system that is intended to be mobile, in response to specific cutting needs in the fabricating sectors like oilfield maintenance, high-rise construction, and shipbuilding, or any commercial operation that may need to deploy high-speed cutting at a site other than a factory or workshop.

The mobile OMAX JetMachining® Center is a durable abrasive waterjet shop fixed to a steel base with forklift access points, so it’s easy to move quickly. Three different configurations of the mobile unit are available. All OMAX abrasive-jet machining systems are powered by customized control software.

JetMachining systems are designed with components that rest on a durable, epoxy-coated platform with metal tie-down rings for safe and secure shipping. Aside from its availability for transporting to work sites, manufacturing plants and shops can move the system with an overhead crane using the platform's provided corner eyebolts.

OMAX will deliver the JetMachining Center completely assembled and factory tested, in a package that includes a direct-drive pump, a pump chiller, water softener system, and 100-lb bulk hopper for storing the abrasive media. These are standard, commercially available components selected to enhance the center’s ease of use in the field. Also adding to that convenience are “quick-disconnects” for air, power, and water that allow operators to have the system in operation in just a few minutes.

The mobile JetMachining center is capable of cutting titanium, stainless steels, Kevlar, ceramics, laminated materials, harden steel, armor plating, and many other types of materials up to 8-inches thick. For safe operation in rough environments, a rubberized non-skid material can be installed on the platform floor.

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