Ingersoll Machine Tools Going Large, Lean, and Green

July 28, 2010
New multipurpose milling machine to process wind turbine parts
Ingersoll Machine Tools’ new MasterWind® is a large-portal, gantry machine for multipurpose milling of oversized products — such as wind turbine components — designed with standardized modules that can accommodate various sizes of mechanical components.

Ingersoll Machine Tools in Rockford, Ill., is setting up a large multipurpose milling machine — the MasterWind® Lean Manufacturing Center — capable of processing oversized components, including wind-turbine hubs, gear boxes, upper plates, lower plates, main bearing housings, and nacelles. Each of these component types will be completely machined in one set-up, it explains, with considerable cost reduction and improved quality and process reliability.

The MasterWind will go into operation at Ingersoll during 2010’s third quarter, the company announced.

As an example of its capabilities, it will be able to machine completely the hub of a typical 2.5-MW turbine generator, weighing 10 tons (20,000 lbs), in approximately 8 hours. The same machine will complete the hub of a 5-MW turbine generator with a weight of 40 tons (80,000 lb) in about 20 hours, Ingersoll explained.

The MasterWind is a large-portal, gantry machine designed with standardized modules that can accommodate various sizes of mechanical components. It features a spindle motor delivering 120 kW (160 HP) and works in combination with a wide selection of automatically interchangeable Spindle Units; the design allows all the unique features to be machined in one setup, with the most efficient and reliable process.

Some of work cell’s innovative and useful features Ingersoll lists are:
Stock removal: Prior to starting the machining cycle, the casting is probed to establish the optimum location of the origin of the part coordinates and the correct orientation. This will generate a balanced stock removal and ensure that the casting is adequate. The cycle is fully automated and will not require any operator intervention.

Heavy-duty continuous 5-axis milling: The center’s spindle delivers 120 kW (160 HP) with 3,500 Nm (2,520 ft/lb) and 3,300 RPM. The capability to deliver maximum power and torque in any possible orientation eliminates the need for multiple setups for each part that other machine methods require, according to Ingersoll. The single setup capability makes the MasterWind a highly efficient and flexible production center.

CNC controlled boring and facing: This unit will substitute for the many boring bars generally required in complex parts. The spindle unit provides direct feedback to control the position of the cutter.

Mill-turning capability: For those parts that require turning, the MasterWind is equipped with a turning table for combined mill-turning capabilities.

In process verification: The machining process is constantly controlled with sensors and probes to assure that quality is built into the part as it is produced.

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