Specialty CNC Builders New Model with Polyphase Technology

Sept. 29, 2011
Tormachs PCNC 1100 Series 3 with re-engineered motion system

Wisconsin-based machine tool builder Tormach LLC is introducing a new version of its most popular CNC mill, the PCNC 1100 Series 3. The new machine is built on a cast iron frame with “hand-scraped” hydrodynamic slideways, with low-friction PTFE-filled acetyl-bonded sliding surfaces. The 5100 RPM R8 spindle is driven by a 1.5-HP induction motor, with sensorless vector control logic provided by Emerson Control Techniques.

The Series 3 has a re-engineered motion system that incorporates high-performance polyphase stepper motors, with Leadshine® microstepping drivers. “This system provides a significant increase in axis speed,” the builder announced, “as well as reserve motor torque at cutting speeds, thermal and over-current safety modes for the driver modules, and ultra-quiet operation.”

"We've invested significantly into the engineering of the new drive system, and are confident that it is best-in-class in both performance and reliability,” commented Greg Jackson, president of Tormach. “Our mission with all Tormach products is to provide unprecedented value in CNC, and the Series 3 is another example of our dedication to reaching that goal."

Other improvements in the new machine’s design include a more durable copolymer enamel paint system, and a redesigned operator's panel. A new cast iron tool tray has been added, too.

Series 3 Motion upgrade kits are available for legacy PCNC models.

Tornach designs and builds CNC machine tools, accessories, and components, as well as motion control products for users involved in R&D, education, short-run production, “or simply entrepreneurs with new ideas,” it said. Its products are sold direct, online, to operators worldwide.

"From the beginning, we've focused on a modular design principles for our mills," said Jackson. "This not only allows our customers to upgrade performance of older models to our current product specifications, but also preserves investment value." Special upgrade kit pricing is available to existing PCNC owners.

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