High-Productivity 2-Axis Lathes for Job Shops

Dec. 22, 2009
Mazaks QUICK TURN SMART series features new control package

Mazak reports that its new line of 2-axis lathes is ideal for job shops or any operation that demands high-productivity and appreciates affordability.

The machine-tool builder said one model in the QUICK TURN SMART series, the QT-SMART 200, delivers fast axis feed rates and features a user-friendly MAZATROL SMART control and a 8-in. chuck, mounted on a 20-hp, 5,000-rpm integrated spindle motor with a 3-in. spindle bore optimized for machining performance.

On its X and Z axes, the QT-SMART 200 uses Roller LM guides to achieve high rigidity and smooth cutting at feedrates (1,811 ipm on the X axis; and 1,299 ipm on the Z axis.) The turning center is designed with X-axis ball screw pretension for high accuracy, and a 12-position, high-speed, non-lift drum turret for rapid tool indexing.

Mazak described the machine as ”very reliable, particularly when set up for long runs with an automatic bar-feeder system.”

MAZATROL SMART control is a recent development that simplifies turning operation because of its straightforward design, 10.4-in. LCD color display, mouse-like pointer control device, and QWERTY keyboard. A USB port makes it easy to download programs. “Conversational” part programming is possible in Mazatrol language, and MAZATROL SMART also accepts EIA/ISO programs.

For automating machining processes, the QT-SMART 200 has an NC servo-driven tailstock that is fully programmable, driving the W-axis on its own AC servomotor and ball screw. “Through the part program, the tailstock will retract to a known position and its center makes contact with the part with consistent holding pressure,” according to the builder.

Also, because it has a positive independent drive system, the tailstock can be used to drill holes on a shaft centerline, which expands the range of jobs the machine can process.

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