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Feb. 12, 2009
Jointly organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and co-organized by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), the 2009 Taipei ...

Jointly organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and co-organized by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), the 2009 Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) is going to be the biggest and most specialized trade show for metal processing equipment in Taiwan. The show, scheduled to run from March 2 through March 7, also is one of the top three international exhibitions for machine tools in Asia.

Thus far, 850 manufacturers have registered for the show, taking up more than 4,800 booths. To accommodate this record number of exhibitors, TIMTOS will make use of the recently opened Nangang Exhibition Hall in addition to the three halls of the Taipei World Trade Center, doubling the exhibition space from the previous TIMTOS.

Among the 15 countries participating in the show, visitors will see all of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers exhibiting at TIMTOS, most of which market their equipment in the United States.

Here are a few of those companies and some of the products they will be highlighting at TIMTOS.

Seyi will showcase several presses at TIMTOS.

Seyi offers total solutions for the stamping industry by providing form presses, tooling and ancillary equipment. Products include C-type, high, straight side, and deep drawing hydraulic press types and automated ancillary equipment.

At TIMTOS, Seyi will showcase straight side single crank servo presses, three of which will be in a robot line. There will also be straight side double crank servo presses between 160 and 400 ton, a progressive coldforging press with an NC feeder, and a precision high-speed press line. New for the company, but not at the show, is a multi-step 200-mm deep drawing press for extremely high-production applications.

Seyi equipment is available in the United States through the company’s subsidiary Seyi-America Inc located in California and through Seyi-Presses Inc. in Tenessee.

Goodway offers its first vertical lathe.

Goodway Machine Corp., with its Yama Seiki USA Inc. facility located in Ontario, Calif., manufactures CNC horizontal turning centers, vertical turning centers, Swiss turning machines, vertical milling machines, a full range of multitasking machines and fully automated loading systems. Two of the many machines the company will show are the GS-4000/1500 and the GMS-2000 turn-mill machine, part of the company’s new GMS series of 5-axis machines.

The GS-4000/1500 features a slant-bed design, slide tool turret with live tooling capability, a subspindle and B axis. The GMS-2000 turning machine is well suited for the U.S. market and easily machines large part diameters and lengths.

The company will also display its first-ever vertical lathe, the GV- 800MC. The machine has a turning diameter of 800 mm.

Soco Machinery Co.’s CNC tube and bar machining system offers shops four processes in one machine.

Soco Machinery Co. Ltd. drew on its extensive experience in manufacturing tube and pipe machinery when it developed its SA-65/2 CNC tube and bar machining center, its series of CNC electric servo tube benders, and the SA-78NCE automated sawing cell for high-tensile steel tubing.

Shops get four processes in one with the SA-65/2 CNC tube and bar machining center – sawing, machining, washing, and length measuring. Additional machining units can be added for threading, turning, tapping and drilling. Machine capacities are to 65 mm for diameters and 25 mm to 350 mm for lengths.

Soco CNC electric servo tube benders get their high efficiency and stable operation from the company’s special Direct Gear Transmission technology. This technology makes for chain-free transmissions and bending accuracy of +/- 0.05 degrees to +/- 0.1 degrees. The machines come with three or four electric CNC axes, rack and pinion feeding and side-positioned bending heads and carriages.

Geared for high-tensile tube cutting to 120 Kg/cm2, the SA-78NCE automated sawing system saws, deburrs/chamfers, measures lengths and stacks. Average sawing cycle times run under 4.5 seconds for most materials measuring to 76 mm in diameter and 2 m, 3 m, and 4.5 m in length.

Soco also produces five and sixaxis laser cutting systems, some for tube diameters to 5 in. This year, Soco is establishing a new company to focus on laser cutting.

Hiwin Technologies presents its roller ballscrews that don’t use balls.

Hiwin Technologies Corp.’s products can be found in machine tools from Haas, Hardinge, Okuma, DMG, Junker and Mazak. The company provides a complete product line of linear motion technologies, including precision ballscrews, linear guideways, and single-axis robots. At the show, the company will present its RS Series of roller ballscrews that use rollers as opposed to balls. The rollers have greater contact area for rigidity that is two times better as compared with traditional ballscrews, said Jimmy Lin, senior executive vice president at Hiwin. He also said the roller ballscrews feature high rigidity, high loading capacity, high efficiency, high reliability and high interchangeability, which extend their service life.

Hartford’s LG 500 vertical machining center.
A Hartford 5-axis vertical machining center sports a 4-m X-axis travel.

Machine tool builder Hartford will showcase five new machines – the LG 500 VMC featuring a robot arm for feeding production, a 5/4-axis moving column VMC, a double column machine called the HEP-2150 for heavy industries, the HCMC-13AG VMC for heavy cutting and mold work, and a special boring/milling machine tagged the HAB-130B for diameters to 130 mm.

In addition to these machines, the company boasts having built a 5-axissimultaneous vertical machining center with the longest X axis, which travels 4 m. The machine’s Y axis travels 1.1 m.

Hartford machines are sold in the United States through Mighty USA under the Viper name.

Supertec separates the wheel head from the main spindle using dual axes on its I/I/Otype Grindmaster grinder.

Supertec Machinery Inc.’s Grindmaster 45/80 series of Y/Z-axis dual independent wheel head grinders use no integrated high-frequency spindles to eliminate the problems associated with those spindles and to make its machines more affordable. Instead, the company offers three versions of the machine that incorporate motors and belts to separate motors from spindles. Machine swivel heads are also a separate axis from the main spindle.

The I/I-type Grindmaster has an I.D. wheel head on the Z axis and an I.D. wheel head on the Y axis; the I/O type has an I.D. wheel head on the Z axis and O.D. wheel head on the Y axis; and the I/I/O type features an I.D. wheel head on the Z axis and both I.D. and O.D. wheel head on the Y axis – automatic swiveling is in two positions, 0 degrees and 180 degrees.

Supertec also is highlighting its GU CNC series of universal cylindrical grinders. The machines feature available distances between centers of 650 mm to 1,000 mm and swings over tables of 320 mm for a maximum grinding diameter of 300 mm. Equipped with swiveling B axes on wheel heads, the machines perform O.D. plunge grinding, O.D. traverse grinding, shoulder grinding, taper grinding, end-face grinding and I.D. grinding all in single part clampings.

A worker at GSA Technology assembles rotary tables, which the company will display at TIMTOS, including new CNC rotary tables with large through holes.

GSA Technology Co. Ltd. said its new GSA CNC-320R and CNC-400R rotary tables provide large through holes for bigger workpieces. The 320R’s through hole measures 110 mm, while the 400R’s is 150 mm. The tables provide fourth-axis capability, dual worm/wear shaft for easy backlash adjusting, one-piece faceplate and spindle design for rigidity, and double bearings for heavy cutting.

YCM pours its own machine castings at an on-site foundry and will unveil several new machine models at TIMTOS.

Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. (YCM), know as YCI Inc. in the United States located in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., will present six new machine tool models. The first is the H630B high-production dual-drive horizontal machining center with six 630-mm-by-630-mm pallets, 10,000-rpm/30kW spindle, and a 120-tool magazine capacity.

Next is the NDV85A highprecision high-speed vertical machining center with a 20,000-rpm/22-kW spindle with thermal compensation. The machine rapids at 24 m/min in X, Y, and Z axes, and table size measures 1,000 mm by 650 mm.

Two more vertical machining centers include the NSV156A and the TCV2000A, both of which axially accelerate at 1G. The NSV156A sports a 15,000-rpm/22-kW spindle and table size of 1,630 mm by 650 mm, while the TCV2000A features a traveling column, 12,000-rpm/22-kW spindle and table size of 2,500 mm by 520 mm.

The last three machines to be shown are the FV50T high-speed tapping center with a 14-tool capacity, the NT- 2500SY high-performance mill-turn multitasking machine featuring main and subspindle and +/- 50-mm Y axis, and the TC-46 heavy-duty turning center for working on part lengths as long as 3,000 mm.

Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd. prides itself on supplying complete engineering and manufacturing solutions through its line of metal forming products that includes hydraulic notchers, hydraulic shearers, hydraulic press brakes, gap-type hydraulic presses, servo motor driver presses, 4-post hydraulic presses, hydraulic deepdrawing presses and fully automated production lines. The company will display its ability to provide complete production packages by integrating a variety of automation equipment. There will be an HD-300 hydraulic high-speed press with an automation system used for drawing parts in a stamping plant. The press works at speeds to 450-mm per second for short strokes, achieving 15 spm to reduce manufacturing time.

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