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Faster, Accurate Alignment with Wireless Data Management

July 14, 2011
Complete package, from preparation and evaluation to correction and results documentation
The SKF Shaft Alignment systems also display values and guidance in real time for accurate horizontal and vertical misalignment corrections.

SKF is introducing two new shaft-alignment systems — the TKSA 60 and TKSA 80, designed for use by novices or experienced users — it indicates will provide a complete, built-in alignment process that takes users from preparation and evaluation through to correction and results documentation. Each system’s built-in wireless module eliminates the need for extra cables and devices, creating a faster, more efficient tool to collect the necessary alignment data. Both units cover a complete spectrum of alignment needs for rotating machinery.

SKF develops bearings, seals, and mechatronics and lubrication systems, and offers technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting, and training.

The SKF TKSA 60 is designed for individuals with fundamental alignment knowledge, but without extensive experience. The system reminds users of the correct tools and materials to use before going to the location where the alignment takes place. A built-in visual inspection process helps users identify oil levels, leakages, and wear indications. It also helps users compare inspection results to specifications and prioritize corrective actions. Both the TKSA 60 and 80 provide a color screen for detailed graphics and a measuring distance of up to 10 meters.

A more advanced unit, the SKF TKSA 80, includes all of the features of the TKSA 60 as well as a comprehensive database structure to store OEM specifications for a wide range of rotating equipment. This system lets users create and store templates for plant machinery, building, and alignment sequence history, all of which optimize management of the alignment process. The TKSA 80 accommodates large machine train alignment too, and reminds users to perform a run out check to look for bent shafts.

“The SKF Shaft Alignment systems are an important addition to SKF’s portfolio of sophisticated handheld instruments built on more than 100 years of knowledge of rotating machinery,” stated Karl Vietsch, SKF Alignment Center of Excellence. “The SKF Shaft Alignment systems allow users to optimize a plant’s uptime and overall productivity through their built-in, intuitive alignment process.”

In addition to its built-in alignment process and wireless modules, the SKF Shaft Alignment systems display values and guidance in real time for accurate horizontal and vertical misalignment corrections. Graphics can be swapped from one side of the machines to the other to accommodate user position. An energy-efficiency indicator shows the estimated energy wasted due to shaft misalignment.

Other SKF Shaft Alignment systems include the TKSA 20, an easy-to-use laser shaft alignment tool designed for both beginners and experts; and the TKSA 40, which has a graphical interface and the ability to check alignment using the tolerance check function.

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