Feb. 20, 2008
CL- 840 Cincinnati Inc.’s ( two latest models of Americanmade laser cutting centers boast 4,000-W and 2,500-W cutting power, third-generation linear motor drives, and heavyweight platforms that deliver high ...
CL- 840

Cincinnati Inc.’s ( two latest models of Americanmade laser cutting centers boast 4,000-W and 2,500-W cutting power, third-generation linear motor drives, and heavyweight platforms that deliver high uptime, superior dynamic accuracy, and reliability.

The CL-840 and CL-825 let shops tailor machine performance to specific cutting requirements of optimal processing efficiency, and both models feature Fanuc fast-axial flow resonators. The machines are available in 5 ft by 10 ft and 6 ft by 12-ft cutting table sizes.

Full guarding for floor space savings over open lasers with safety zone mats is standard on the machines. Dualpallet quick-change systems allow one pallet to be unloaded/reloaded while the second one is being processed. Pallet changes take seconds for virtually continuous cutting.

Machine linear-motor drive systems make fast work of large parts or batch processing of small parts through accelerations exceeding 2.0 G and head-positioning speeds as fast as 10,000 ipm. Dynamic positioning accuracy is +/-0.001 in.

The CL-840 processes mild steel to 1-in. thick and stainless steel and aluminum to 0.500-in. thick, while the CL-825 handles mild steel thicknesses to 0.625 in. and stainless steel and aluminum thicknesses to 0.250 in. Innovative optical features on the machines improve part quality and productivity. An enhanced beam system with distributed purge air enables high-precision and productive cutting of both thick and thin materials.

Also, Cincinnati’s AutoFocus cutting head lets shops use 5 in., 7.5 in. or 10-in. focal length lenses to optimize the beam for cutting various materials. Heavy-weight plate construction – double the weight of other builders’ machines, Cincinnati said – provides machine rigidity against dynamic forces and delivers high-uptime reliability, along with long service life.

HMI and control software make the CL-840 and CL-825 easy to operate.

Cincinnati’s Dynamic Power Control, standard on all its lasers, automatically adjusts laser power to feedrate to maintain consistent kerf width and edge condition, while eliminating involved CNC programming of power control. Enhanced pulsing produces smooth edges, reduces heat-affected zones and cuts intricate features more accurate. Look-ahead control capability prevents path errors, increases hole-cutting feedrates and creates precise contours.

Orion 4020 ST

The Orion 4020 hybrid-style CO2 laser cutting system from LVD Strippit ( processes large sheets measuring to 157 in. by 78 in. The company said the machine’s rigid high-precision rackand- pinion drive system precisely moves the machine’s axes and controls positioning.

A simple beam delivery system, comprised of three mirrors, is designed to ensure easy alignment and stable beam paths. The standard laser cutting head accommodates a 5 in. or 7.5-in. quick-change lens. These water-cooled lenses can be installed and exchanged easily through a self-centering system.

The 4020’s built-in capacitive height sensor automatically maintains a constant distance between the head and the plate to automatically compensate for any material unevenness.

To further hasten set up and loading, the machine table is positioned at a comfortable working height and offers full access and visibility on three sides.

A total power control feature automatically adjusts the machine’s laser power in relation to the cutting speed to provide optimal cuts at every contour width and minimized heataffected zones. In addition, an edge function feature processes sharp corners cleanly, especially in thicker materials.

Trumpf Inc. ( said the latest version of its TruTops software features a modern user interface, increased productivity through product data management, a more efficient nesting processor, and the elimination of redundant data management.

The software was created specifically for the company’s fabricating equipment such as 2D laser machines, punching machines and press brakes. The company also developed software programs for processing tubes and profiles, 3D laser processing and for CAD.