6-Spindle Lathe Offers Speed, Precision, and Accuracy

May 12, 2011
Continuous or series production for 51- 67-mm bar stock
This new cam-driven 6-spindle automatic lathe with 57-mm bar capacity is designed by ZPS for continuous or series production of precision turned parts.

ZPS America LLC is offering a new cam-driven 6-spindle automatic lathe for 51- to 67-mm bars, capable of continuous or series production of precision turned parts. The company builds cam-driven multispindle machines for a range of precision cutting operations, which it is able to execute quickly, consistently, and accurately. Its solid-casting base ensures maximum rigidity and stability.

The new machine includes six frontal slides with up to 142 working strokes, and six cross slides plus four compound slides with clamping, and a bar stop in the sixth station. An independent cam controls each slide. Stroke is adjustable on the rocker arm of the corresponding drive. The 667 machines are provided with different spindle speed ranges (200 to 3200 rpm), depending on material type and size.

Because its Hirth coupling with the spindle drum is fine-bored in the casting positioning, errors are eliminated. The Maltese cross smoothes precise indexing to increases the accuracy and longevity of the machine tool.

Four safety clutches prevent the slides from overloading. Spindle-drum locking is accomplished by a Hirth coupling to achieve and maintain concentricity, repeatability, and precision. A bar stock guide is standard, and the machine can also include automatic bar loaders and bar magazines for long, unattended operation.

Spindles are driven by Siemens variable-speed motors and the machines are controlled through a SIMATIC S7-300.

The machines can be supplied with a range of optional equipment, including NC drive of the pick-up spindle, bar stock feeding and clamping in the third station, attachments for high-speed drilling, reaming, tapping and broaching, and multi-spindle drilling heads on the frontal slides.

“Because ZPS America is the factory, we can help you upgrade your cam machines with CNC slides and Siemens controls, and even help evaluate whether to exchange your ZPS cam machine for one of our CNC multis,” said Olaf Tessarzyk, managing partner and president of ZPS America.

“To help customers maintain trouble-free performance, we also offer full preventative maintenance plans for each of our machines. Prompt factory service from local resident service and applications engineers that have worked multiple years at the factory and prompt factory warranted spare parts are very important to multispindle users,” he pointed out.