Mazak Opens Global R&D Center

Aug. 30, 2009
Machine tool builder aims to cut new technology design-to-market time

Mazak Corp. has established the Mazak World Research & Development Center in Oguchi, Japan, where it will conduct assembly, test, and evaluate its machine tool designs and products. The company explained that the center aims to reduce design-to-market time for new products and machines by three to five months, including assembly, testing and evaluation.

Until now, Mazak carried out prototyping at the manufacturing plant where a product had been produced.

Mazak said its commitment to product research and development also includes its manufacturing plants around the world, and the 30 Mazak Technology Centers that link customers to ongoing R&D efforts.

The Mazak World Technology Center opened in Minokamo, Japan, in 2006, and presents total integrated solutions through seminars and machine demonstrations, and also displays many unique customer parts from various industries. Today, Mazak's 30 Technology Centers work closely with customers around the world.

"Manufacturing has fallen into an unprecedented recession, and it is imperative that machine tool manufacturers move quickly to develop highly advanced and more productive machines for customers to reduce costs and production lead time," Mazak Corp. president Brian Papke explained.

Papke continued: "With the World R&D Center in Japan and eight Technology Centers throughout North America, Mazak helps customers implement innovative technologies quickly and efficiently. This commitment leads small and large companies to not only streamline their production processes but also considerably improve their competitiveness."

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