Hardinge Introduces Two Turning Centers

April 12, 2010
Designs for T-42 Super-Precision and High-Performance machines finalized with market input

The new Hardinge T-series machines are targeted at shops that perform two-axis, high-precision machining or complex multitasking operations.

Hardinge Inc. released two new turning center models, the T42 SuperPrecision® and HighPerformance turning centers. A prototype of the T42 SuperPrecision was presented at last September at EMO Milano 2009, raising market awareness and interest, and generating feedback that Hardinge was able to use to finalize the design for introduction at Westec 2010, in March.

Hardinge produces vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, grinding tools, and workholding equipment. Its brands include the Hardinge, Kellenberger, Bridgeport, Hauser, and Tschudin product lines.

The new T-Series models replace the Conquest 42, Conquest T42, Quest 42 and RS Precision, and SuperPrecision® machines. They are described by Hardinge as "the new benchmark in highprecision, highperformance turning."

The design is said to be optimal for two-axis, high-precision machining or complex multitasking operations that require delicate part handling and parts made complete in a single setup. HighPerformance and SuperPrecision high-productivity packages are offered with features that include Live Tooling with CAxis, Sub Spindle, Yaxis, Main Spindle Parts Catcher, and the Sub Spindle Parts Catcher for removing delicate, high-precision parts with critical surface-finish requirements, without damage to the part.