R&M Mfg Inc. Adds Two New Mazak HMCs

July 15, 2010
Wisconsin shop expands process capability and machining precision

Wisconsin machine shop R&M Mfg Inc. has installed two new Mazak horizontal machining centers, 680 and 1080, in its Milton location. The supplier of precision machined and custom assembled products said the new capacity broadens the company’s capabilities and indicated that the new equipment allows it to increasing the size of the parts it manufactures.

R&M added that the new capability also improves its machining precision and speed, which are benefits it plans to pass on to customers through better product quality, shorter lead times, and more competitive pricing.

Mazak horizontal machining centers are designed for fast machining cycles and low labor costs with high dynamics, rapid tool changes, and high precision, along with multi-level modular automation. Horizontal machining is well suited for high-volume production, but one-lot and small batch machining operations thanks to a high degree of process automation.

In addition to the new horizontal equipment, R&M recently installed several new Mazak lathes.

R&M Mfg. supplies customers in heavy manufacturing industries, including mining and construction, agriculture, defense, medical, and sustainable energy. With the new capabilities, R&M indicates it will be “a full-service machined parts supplier.

“We have complimented our existing capabilities nicely with the installation of these two new horizontal machines. The 680 and 1080 provide manufacturing redundancy, as well as doubled the size of the parts that we can produce,” stated R&K Mfg Inc. vice president Mark Merk. “We are well equipped for the challenges that our customers have for us today, and in the future.”

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