02/02/3012 - Are Machine Shops Really Aiming for Sustainability?

Feb. 8, 2012
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Why Aren’t More Manufacturers Using Minimum Quantity Lubrication?
The concept of 'sustainability' is being defined better, and understood better, so why is it that so many manufacturers still are not taking the necessary steps to implement newer, proven technologies that foster sustainability? Read the full story here

Dense-Nanostructure Coating Improves Drilling Performance
Crediting “an optimized nanostructure,” the developers of a new coating formula see it as a way to improve hardness and increase resistance to residual stresses for high-performance solid-carbide drills. Read the full story here

New Sinker EDM Technique Speeds Roughing of Deep Ribs
A combination of shortened jump cycles and spark-gap adaptive power control improve process efficiency and productivity. Read the full story here

2G End Mill Called “Powerhouse of Productivity”
This month IMCO Carbide Tools plans to roll out the second-generation version of its Pow•R•Feed M9 series end mills, indicating its tests show metal-removal rates that are 470% to 907% higher per tool than comparable products now available in 17-4 PH stainless steel and 4140 steel (respectively.) Read the full story here

Automatic Self-Calibration for Robotic Eddy-Current Testing
The Uni-Versal test machine is based on a multichannel eddy-current testing instrument (up to eight channels); a frequency range of 20 Hz to 10 Mz; a 12-in. LCD flat-panel screen; and 32 Gig of data storage. “This product will revolutionize the way products are quality tested in the automotive industry,” promised Mark Gehlen of UniWest. Read the full story here

AM Workshop
Outlook for American Manufacturing is Positive The outlook for U.S. manufacturing remains positive, and manufacturing issues are starting to take center stage on a national level. In this free American Machinist guide, learn about opportunities for innovation and R&D, building a smarter workforce capable of working on today's factory floor, and how technology and Congress are having a major impact on U.S. industry.
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