Dual Bridge Option Increases Water-Jet Productivity

April 12, 2010
New Omax configuration for large-table JetMachining centers

OMAX’s optional Dual Bridge System for JetMachining centers allows continuous waterjet cutting while materials are loaded and loaded, to improve productivity.

OMAX Corp. introduced an optional Dual Bridge configuration for its JetMachining water-jet cutting centers, to increase operating efficiency and flexibility by including a second Y-bridge. It is the only dual-bridge traction drive system available for waterjet industry.

The system can be adapted to any new or existing 60120, 80X or 120X OMAX JetMachining centers.

The configuration allows two Y-bridges to work independently from each other, and programmed to produce separate components or to work in tandem to cut one large part. OMAX stated the design makes the JetMachining centers more efficient and increase utilization rates, because they allow cutting to be performed while materials are loaded and unloaded.

All OMAX accessories are fully compatible with the addition of a second Y-bridge. To achieve the fastest possible cutting configuration, the system can be configured with multiple nozzles and pumps on one machine.

The Dual Bridge configuration is user-friendly, too, because it uses the OMAX Intelli-MAX Premium software (already installed on all OMAX JetMachining centers) so operators can alternate views between the programs for either bridge.