IBAG Adds Shorter, Faster Spindle for High-Speed Milling

May 11, 2010
Micro Line targeted for compact tool zones.

For Swiss turning operations, IBAG North America is introducing a shorter and faster 22-mm diameter “Micro Line” spindle for high-speed milling and drilling. At 63.3 mm long, the Model HT 25 S 60 is targeted for compact tool zones in the most popular Swiss-type machines.

IBAG North America supplies a full line of high-speed spindles for machine tools, and offers repair and rebuilding services, as well as vacuum workholding systems.

Micro Line spindles with a maximum speed of 120,000, and using oil-based external cooling, are available now for all Model HT 25 S 60 spindles. Using synchronous, DC motor technology, these spindles are well suited to applications that use micro-milling and drilling tools, as well as engraving and fine milling. These new, more compact spindles feature high rigidity and ultra precision (less then 2 microns run-out) to enhance surface quality on finished products, machining accuracy, and to reduce the need for secondary operations.

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