Mazak to Introduce New Energy-Monitoring Interface for MTConnnect

Aug. 12, 2010
Real-time reporting helps track CNC machines environmental impact

Machine tool builder Mazak Corp. is set to introduce a new interface for MTConnect— the standardized communications protocol that collects, transmits and leverages data from CNC machine tools or other discrete equipment, for more comprehensive production and performance tracking. Mazak is among OEMs that has supported the development and expansion of MTConnect, and it will introduce the new the Mazak Energy Dashboard at IMTS 2010.

Mazak first highlighted some of the potential of MTConnect at IMTS two years ago, and the new demonstrations will show how the technology has changed in the interim. This includes the Mazak Energy Dashboard, which the OEM says “exemplifies how the MTConnect communications protocol can be used to provide manufacturers with cost savings and boost productivity and efficiency.”

The Mazak Energy Dashboard monitors energy usage in real time, and the environmental impact and carbon footprint for a variety of machine tools and peripherals. The software identifies key drivers of energy expenses so that they can be managed — and minimized — to help manufacturers improve their environment impact.

“Mazak has been an ardent supporter of MTConnect since its inception several years ago,” stated president Brian Papke. “The Mazak Energy Dashboard is representative of the first generation of applications that will really start to harness and demonstrate the potential of this powerful tool for manufacturers. Increasingly, MTConnect will become a valuable tool in which customers can improve productivity, machine utilization, and efficiency.”

Also, Mazak will display Insight, a “factory productivity management solution” that it describes as “revolutionary.”

The Insight program monitors real-time performance of equipment and uses computational algorithms to detect opportunities for eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing planned downtime. It offers a complete picture of a facility’s performance, so managers have the information they will need to address productivity, overhead, energy costs, and profitability.

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