New Precision/High-Speed Line for GF AgieCharmilles

Aug. 5, 2010
Three models in LP Precision series offer unconditional stability in demanding work conditions

GF AgieCharmilles’ LP Precision series of high -speed machining centers for precision metalworking.

GF AgieCharmilles is introducing a new line of high-speed machining centers for precision metalworking operations. The LP Precision series includes three models, the HSM 400 LP Precision, HSM 400U LP Precision and HSM 500 LP Precision.

Switzerland-based GF AgieCharmilles is well known as a supplier of wire EDM, CNC and manual diesinking systems, as well as high-speed/performance and 5-axis CNC milling machines. Each LP Precision machine is built in Switzerland by expert technicians carefully selecting the components to ensure the machine achieves “unconditional stability in demanding work conditions”.

GF AgieCharmilles offers a “process-reliable” tool measurement system on its machines. The Intelligent Tool Measurement (ITM) system provides optical tool measurement at full spindle speed, records the tool tip with image sensors, and then uses specialized software to clarify the image. The result is a novel ability to obtain a tool measurement with an absolute Z-reference in the micron range.

Machines in the LP Precision series possess “excellent” thermal control characteristics, according to the builders, with systems that cool the drive groups in a targeted manner. Each linear axis and the rotation/tilt unit have dedicated cooling circuits. The Opticool concept, which also cools the spindle nose, helps to achieve temperature stability. The heat diffusion contributes to geometric stability that allows high repeat accuracy in axial movement.

As an example of the LP Precision series’ performance capability, GF AgieCharmiles described an application in CrVMo steel with a hardness of HRc 60. “When removing the average amount of material in a finishing process with a residual oversize of less than 10 μm,” it reported, “the whole workpiece surface could be machined to an average roughness of 0.02 Ra and 20 μm.”

The LP Precision machines are provided with GF AgieCharmilles’ OSS (Operator Support System) Precision module. The system manages drive and control parameters in order to maximize cutting speed, surface quality, or precision of contouring, for process speed and reliably with high productivity and efficiency.

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