Mori Seiki Launches New High-Speed HMC

April 5, 2010
High-precision NH10000DC, for precision machining of large parts and difficult-to-cut materials

Mori Seiki’s NH10000DCG high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining center has the largest maximum-load capacity in its class.

Mori Seiki Co. Ltd. has debuted the NH10000DCG, which it calls the newest and largest model in its lineup of high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining centers.

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for machine tools that achieve higher levels of efficiency and precision for machining large parts and difficult-to-cut materials, notably to supply builders of construction machinery, aircraft, and printing equipment. In response, Mori Seiki developed the NH10000DCG.

The NH Series has achieved over 6,000 unit orders since the release of the NH5000DCG in 2002. In contrast to the NH4000DCG and NH5000DCG machines, the NH10000 DCG will handle a maximum workpiece size of φ2,000 X 1,600 mm and a maximum loading capacity of 3,000 kg (5,000 kg as option).

NH Series machines are designed to facilitate setup operations, including center alignment of a workpiece. The height difference between inside and outside of the NH10000DCG has been eliminated by installing work platforms. By using the setup station, large working area and wide door opening, the machine offers improved operability and accessibility.

Mori Seiki explains that NH10000DCG displays “box-in-box” construction, which supports the saddle at both sides; the center of gravity of the moving part is guided and driven with excellent balance despite its large structure. It also achieves roundness of 2.12 µm by minimizing residual tool-tip vibration during positioning and improving machined surface quality. On the X and Z linear axes, DCG (Driven at the Center of Gravity) original technology ensures that moving parts are driven at their center of gravity using two ball screws, controlling vibration. The NH10000DCG achieves rapid traverse rate of 50 m/min, 2.5 times faster than conventional machines according to Mori Seiki.

New design features for the NH10000DCG include a new coolant evacuation function, available for through-spindle coolant specifications. Coolant that is left in the spindle is vacuumed into the tank when coolant stops flowing. This prevents the residual coolant from adhering to the spindle taper and being carried into the tool magazine during ATC tool changing. With this function, long-term problems caused by coolant can be avoided, ensuring stable machining accuracy. Additionally, the machine is equipped with three spiral conveyors to offer excellent chip disposal. These conveyors, two of which extend to the setup station, collect chips and coolant not only from the machining area but also from the setup station and transfer them to the external conveyor.

The NH10000DCG is recommended for machining long workpieces. An expanded tool magazine is available as an option and it has the capacity to store tools up to 1,000 mm. Using long tools makes it possible to perform deep-hole boring and gun drilling of large workpieces that require highly accurate coaxiality without a 180-degree turn on the B-axis, achieving reduced cutting time and high-precision machining.

With an optional maximum loading capacity of 5,000 kg — the largest among Mori Seiki horizontal machining centers — the NH10000DCG has the optional automatic indexing setup station that allows automatic rotation of heavy workpieces.

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