Through-the-Tool Cooling, Six New Machines, and More

Sept. 15, 2011
Cryogenic machining concept anchors MAGs EMO presentation
MAG's new cryogenic through-the-tool cooling system.
MAG's SPECHT 500 L integrates honing and fine boring of cylinder crankcases.
MAG's gear manufacturing portfolio includes hobbing and chamfering/deburring machines, and gear manufacturing centers for cylindrical and bevel gears.
The double spindle NBV 250 DUO has two work areas, for more productive machining.

Taking as its slogan "MAG is more,” the machine tool builder plans to demonstrate several new machine designs and other capabilities at EMO Hannover 2011 this month, starting with its cryogenic technology for “through-the-tool machining system. Four high-performance machine tools and a robotic system will be equipped with the liquid nitrogen cooling system. MAG also will use the event to debut appearance for its recently acquired Forest Liné group and its portfolio of technologies for machining aerospace, composite material, and mold-and-die products.

MAG's liquid nitrogen cooling system was introduced in 2010, and it has been effectively demonstrated with different materials and machining technologies. Four cryo-equipped machines will be displayed at EMO, including:
• Aerospace titanium blisk machining on a NBV 700 5X vertical machining center;
• Inconel part production on a VDM 1000 vertical turning center;
• Hardened shaft turning on a VDF 450 TM mill/turn center; and,
• CGI crankcase finishing on the hydraulic-free SPECHT 600 E.

Also, a robotic root-end drilling system equipped with cryogenic technology will demonstrate how easy composites material machining can be, if it's done at the right temperature. Wind turbine manufacturers will benefit greatly from this new development.

EMO will be the first appearance for the SPECHT 600 E machine. Electro-mechanical actuators control its tool management, rotary table, fixture and clamping, spindle, and pallet changing functions. "Our customers will profit in multiple ways from this concept,” stated the president for automotive technologies, Dr. Sebastian Schöning: “First, there is a significant improvement regarding the ecology and work environment. Also, lower energy consumption, reduced floor space requirements and the elimination of regular maintenance costs for hydraulic equipment have a direct effect on the bottom line. Finally, the fast e-actuators also help reduce cycle times.”

Also to be introduced will be several boring and honing process innovations. MAG reports it is able to manage the entire process chain for crankcase machining on CNC centers, which reduces the investment and operating costs. Also, its gear-manufacturing portfolio now includes bevel gear machining for wheels and shafts. This technology will be demonstrated on a horizontal turning center VDF 450 TM and a vertical turning center VDM 1000 TM.

MAG's machine portfolio covers virtually all metal cutting technologies and workpiece dimensions, and the EMO exhibit will include these other “premieres”:
• The NBV 250 DUO, a high-productivity, double-spindle vertical milling machine with two work areas, so setup can be carried out simultaneously with machining;
• Two horizontal machining centers for flexible multi-tasking machining of various materials — the NBH 500+ with a high-torque, geared spindle, and the NBH 630 MT for simultaneous 5-axis and mill/turn operations, and 700 Nm torque — will be unveiled; and,
• The upgraded H 250 CDT, a hobbing machine with a patent-pending synchronous process for hobbing and chamfering/deburring, and a new vertical turning machine for gears and shafts in a gear manufacturing cell, also will have their first appearance.

In the latter instance, MAG said the gear-related innovations would complete its package of products and technologies to cover all gear manufacturing tasks.

A new dimension has been added to MAG's capabilities with the recent acquisition of the Forest Liné group, which specializes in large, metal-cutting and automated composites processing machines for aerospace and mold-and-die and prototyping.

MAG specializes in turnkey installations for automotive machining, including high-volume manufacturing systems, automation, and tooling for powertrain components. This expertise is expanded now to include production planning and integrated software systems for sectors like machine building, aerospace, and renewable energy. This is the idea behind MAG's new Delta 4 collaborative manufacturing concept. It is a team of experts in technical consulting, software, and remote services who are focused on integrating manufacturing and management via CAM, MES, and shop floor data from the CNC or tool management. The collaborative approach is designed to reduce manufacturing costs and improve productivity.

"Our integrated support solutions go beyond metal cutting to include all relevant factors in a production environment and their relations, be it components, processes or people. This way, we help our customers to achieve world class manufacturing efficiency," according to Martin Winterstein, MAG's chief marketing officer.

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