Compact Touch Probe for In-Process Measurement on Grinders, Lathes

Oct. 14, 2010
Heidenhain emphasizes high repeatability, numerous probing cycles

The TS 249 provides trigger signals that are ready for immediate processing by the controls, with no need for an amplifier interface.

The new TS 249 introduced by Heidenhain is a compact touch probe for NC-controlled grinding machines and lathes, based on proven sensor technology that reportedly provides immediate connection to all common control types. Heidenhain is the North American subsidiary of Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH, a manufacturer of linear scales, rotary and angular encoders, digital readouts, digital length gages, CNC controls, and machine inspection equipment.

When NC-controlled cylindrical and tool grinding machines are charged with producing close tolerance workpieces with high reliability, a touch probe is mounted on a tilting fixture in the machine workspace. On surface grinders, these devices are commonly used for in-process measurement (e.g., on workpieces with very long dimensions) to ensure optimal process control. On lathes, touch probes are commonly used when demanding workpieces have to be measured in small batch production. Touch probes also can be used directly in the machine to inspect turning tools for wear and breakage.

In-process measurement requires a touch probe with high repeatability and a high number of probing cycles. Heidenhain indicates its new TS 249 design meets this standard with its “exceptional” signal quality and high trigger-point repeatability. Because the sensor operates without wear, accuracy is ensured for a large number of measurements over a long period of time.

The TS 249 touch probe also provides trigger signals that are ready for immediate processing by the controls. There is no need for an amplifier interface between the device and the control. In addition to the standard HTL signal, the TS 249 provides a floating trigger signa,l required primarily for connection to FANUC controls. Transmission is immediate when incorporated with all Heidenhain controls.

The TS 249 touch probe is available as standard with axial cable outlet, and a variant is available with radial cable outlet, if required.

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