[IMTS Preview] Mazak Showcasing 20 New Machines

Sept. 7, 2010
With 20 new machine models at IMTS 2010, Mazak reports it will be showcasing the innovation and depth of its product catalog via a range of standard-setting machines at. A variety of machines will be making their North American debut, and Mazak also ...

With 20 new machine models at IMTS 2010, Mazak reports it will be showcasing the innovation and depth of its product catalog via a range of standard-setting machines at. A variety of machines will be making their North American debut, and Mazak also will also exhibit new ancillary technologies that push machine performance to even greater levels.

All the Mazak machines on display will offer increased ergonomic and environmental performance due to new body designs, and all of them will perform cutting demonstrations to present innovative solution ideas for various industries, such as aerospace, energy, heavy machinery equipment, valve, medical, die/mold and general job shops.

Multi-Tasking Machines
With the introduction of new multi-tasking machines at IMTS, Mazak will expand its portfolio to provide optimum multi-tasking solutions for any manufacturing environment. This equipment offers technology for simple to complex geometry, from prototyping to high-volume production in environments ranging from basic job shops to high tech, specialized manufacturing cells.

INTEGREX j-Series — The j-200 and j-400 will demonstrate four-axis simultaneous machining with five-axis tip positioning. The machines feature large Y-axis strokes and offer a milling spindle that can be indexed in 5° (1° optional) increments over a total range from -30° to 190°, allowing outer diameter machining and facing with the same tool.

INTEGREX i-Series — The INTEGREX e-Series will be represented by the e-670H, the latest addition to this line of machines. Ideal for the production of large parts, the e-670H offers larger Y-axis travel and, at the show, will perform demonstrations of gear cutting processes on a 15” x 80” shaft.

QUICK TURN NEXUS and SMART Series — The QTN 250MY, QTN 350MSY and QTN 450MY are new models in the QUICK TURN NEXUS line of machines that perform turning and milling operations. The QTN Series brings together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance for shops large and small. In addition to the NEXUS series, Mazak will introduce the new QUICK TURN SMART 200M with simplified CNC control for EIA and conversational programming.

Machining Centers
Mazak offers a wide array of machining centers that boost productivity and provide standard-setting accuracy, precision and reliability. Several new models will be on display at IMTS 2010.

HYPER VARIAXIS — The first machine in the HYPER VARIAXIS line, the HYPER VARIAXIS 630 offers high ergonomics and allows unhindered access to a work area. The machine’s advanced design includes a roller guide system on the X, Y, and Z axes and a new headstock with 18,000 rpm spindle, which features increased spindle rigidity and cooling system capacity to support unparalleled high speed and high efficiency machining.

VARIAXIS — The rugged and productive VARIAXIS series will be highlighted via the VARIAXIS 500 II 5-axis multi-tasking center. With tremendous weight capacity and a highly-rigid structure, the VARIAXIS 500 II excels in efficient production of large, complicated parts.

VERTICAL CENTER SMART — Mazak launches a new series of machines with the VERTICAL CENTER SMART 430A. Created to perform general machining operations economically, from rough cutting to high-speed machining, the VERTICAL CENTER SMART 430A makes operation reliable and efficient through a variety of Mazak Intelligent Machine functions.

FJV Series — The FJV series of double-column vertical machining centers will be demonstrated via the FJV-35/60 II. The series is able to accommodate an optional angle tool to perform side-face machining. The high accuracy and rigidity provided by the double-column construction is ideal for industries such as aerospace and die/mold.

Turning Centers
Mazak offers a tremendous variety of vertical and horizontal turning centers with milling capabilities. The company’s array of products contains ideal solutions for producing parts from simple to complex, ranging in size from small to heavy and large.

MEGATURN NEXUS — The new MEGATURN NEXUS 900 Vertical Turning Center will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of this line of machines. Excelling in the heavy-duty cutting of large cast iron and steel workpieces, the MEGATURN NEXUS series is ideal for manufacturers producing parts for construction machinery, industrial machinery and energy field components.

SLANT TURN NEXUS — Represented by the new SLANT TURN NEXUS 550M at IMTS, the SLANT TURN NEXUS series excels in the production of components such as oil field pipes and shafts, heavy machinery and aircraft components. The heavy-duty CNC turning center features a powerful main spindle and milling turret to increase machining productivity for long, heavy shafts.

VALVE TURN-20 — A machine in its own class, the VT-20 was uniquely designed from the ground up to reduce setup times and improve throughput for valve manufacturers. The machine is a cost-effective, innovative valve body production center that completes more than 75% of valve applications in a single setup, while maintaining high tolerances.

Laser Cutting Centers
Mazak’s booth will also feature the SuperTurbo-X 510 Mark III, a rugged hybrid laser production system from Mazak Optonics.

Mazak offers a broad array of automation options to help American manufacturers maintain a global competitive advantage. Several new solutions will be debuting at IMTS 2010.

HYPER QUADREX with the combination of Bar Feeder and Gantry Loader — Equipped with a bar feeder and gantry loader, the twin-spindle, two-turret HYPER QUADREX series reaches entirely new levels of productivity. The potential for reliable unmanned operation will be demonstrated at the show via a cell containing the HYPER QUADREX 200MS.

HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS with 3-Palletech System — A HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 6800 cell will be highlighting the potential of the new 3-Palletech system, which allows up to three levels of pallets to be used. The new three-level system can store raw workpieces on a stocker of pallets to reduce material preparation for better production scheduling. A new tilt/rotational loading station is optionally available for easy setup.

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