New Laser Head Reduces Pierce Time by Up to 80%

Jan. 27, 2011
Mazak Optonics servo-focused device uses sensors to monitor beam reflection
Mazak’s new laser-cutting servo head technology with intelligent sensors.

Mazak Optonics has released a new servo head with piercing detection that monitors laser-processing conditions and reduces piercing times. The same technique is credited with improving laser machines’ cutting performance across a wide range of applications.

The new servo head is a standard offering for Mazak HyperGear, HyperTurbo and SuperTurbo MkIII series laser-cutting machines.

Mazak Optonics offers 42 models of laser cutting systems. It is an operating unit of Japan-based Yamazaki Mazak Corp., which develops and manufactures machine tools and systems for the precision machining, including CNC turning centers, horizontal and vertical machining centers, and multi-tasking machining centers. Mazak also engineers turnkey cells and develops CNC software.

The new Mazak servo technology for laser cutting reportedly will improve pierce time efficiency, especially with mild steel in thicknesses from 0.375 to 0.750 in. In operation, it significantly reduces or eliminates the need for side-blow during piercing operations. Sensors in the head monitor beam reflection to determine breakthrough, and then automatically signal the control to move to the cutting segment of the program. Then, the machine quickly shifts from the pierce process to the start of cutting due to the auto-focus adjustment, which is done on the dedicated W-axis. A typical nest cut time can be reduced by 30% by utilizing the new servo head and sensor technology. The same intelligent sensors monitor the beam for poor cut conditions and to maintain the cut. The servo head also improves overall edge quality when cutting mild steel plate of up to 1 in.

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