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Inclined Table Distinguishes 5-Axis Machine

Dec. 1, 2011
Huron high-performance design has greater spindle range, for machining in five continuous axes on five faces
The K3X 8 Five high-speed milling centers are recommended for roughing and finishing in five axes simultaneously, and on five faces. The French machine tool builder Huron Graffenstaden SAS is offering a “new generation” five-axis machines with a table inclined to 55°, rather than 45°, meaning that negative machining angles of up to -20° are possible. As such, the developer makes clear, the angle of the spindle axis in relation to the table ranges from 0 to 110° compared with 90° for the previous generation of five-axis machines.

This new range of machines is recommended for roughing and finishing operations in five simultaneous axes and on five faces, and meets all the technical and economic challenges facing engineering companies in the aeronautics, automotive, medical and energy sectors, according to Huron. It claimed the different approach reduces process times and cuts manufacturing costs. Performance levels in roughing, finishing and precision work make it possible to achieve the most ambitious targets for productivity, with respect to machining complex parts like injection molds, aeronautical components, or parts used in precision mechanics.

The architecture of the K3X 8 Five high-speed 5-axis milling center consists of a fixed gantry and bed and a 500-mm diameter table that rotates (C-axis, 360°) and tilts (A-axis, -30°/+180°) and can take up to 250 kg. As a result, it is capable of machining in five continuous axes on five faces. The machine’s “combination of dynamics and precision” results in very high quality surface finishes, Huron stated.

The standard spindle will achieve a speed of 24,000 rpm with a torque of 40 Nm for 25 kW.

This milling center also offers great accessibility with good visibility of the work area. Heavy workpieces can be lowered from above the machine with ease thanks to the wide enclosure opening.

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