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Sixteen New Models Expand Range of Waterjet Tables

Nov. 3, 2011
Affordability and performance emphasized with MAXIEM lineup
The 4000 Series is the largest design option for the JetCutting centers, with X-Y cutting travel areas ranging from 320×160 to 640×160 inches. OMAX Corporation’s MAXIEM Waterjets division has expanded its product line with 16 new JetCutting Centers, a development it said allows more machining and fabricating operations to achieve “industry-standard performance at an incredible value.” The Washington-based company specializes at designing high-pressure water-cutting tables, and it introduced the MAXIEM series two years ago to appeal to operations that have “affordability” as a guiding factor in the selection of production systems. It emphasized that the MAXIEM line incorporates its established cutting technology in an affordable, highly productive package.

The new MAXIEM machines are offered within its 2000 Series, 3000 Series, and 4000 Series models, and all off them closely match the top-of-the-line OMAX JetMachining Centers by applying the same 50,000-psi direct-drive pump technology. The also share design features like the Intelli-MAX control software and Intelli-TRAX linear drive technology for high performance in the abrasive circumstances in which waterjet tables must operate.

Other shared features among the 2000, 3000 and 4000 product lines include floor- or tank-mounting options for more configuration possibilities; easy access USB ports and power/pause controller interfaces; high-pressure track plumbing for additional X-axis coverage; and DualBRIDGE System compatibility, which uses two Y-bridges for greater productivity.

All OMAX and MAXIEM designs are manufactured in the United States.

The MAXIEM 2000 Series consists of the 2060, 2080, 20100, 20120 and 20140 and features X-Y cutting travel areas ranging from 240×80 to 560×80 inches.

The MAXIEM 3000 Series, which includes the 3040, 3060, 3080, 30100, 30120 and 30160, offers X-Y cutting travel areas ranging from 160×120 to 640×120 inches.

The largest of series of JetCutting Centers, the MAXIEM 4000s, includes the 4080, 40100, 40120, 40140 and 40160. These provide X-Y cutting travel areas ranging from 320×160 to 640×160 inches.

“Through our OMAX and MAXIEM lines, we provide the highest quality, most diversified line of abrasive waterjets in the industry,” stated OMAX CEO Dr. John Cheung. “Our vast array of solutions not only provide unmatched performance in a variety of price points, it also makes us the only waterjet partner you’ll ever need.”

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