Large-Capacity Wheel Truing, Dressing

Aug. 18, 2011
Machine increases efficiency, accuracy by dressing wheels offline of production grinding machines
Rush Machinery’s Model FC-700 series is available in manual or semi-automatic versions, the latter with advanced PLC control.

Rush Machinery is offering the Model FC-700 Series machine, a large-capacity machine designed for truing and dressing of flats, angles, and radii on diamond and CBN single wheels, and multiple wheel packs, for wheels up to 28 in. (700 mm) standard, with an option to 42 in. (1,070 mm) in diameter. Using the Model FC-700 series allows for increased efficiency and accuracy by dressing wheels properly, according to the developer, offline of the production grinding machinery.

Reportedly, the machine is also simple to operate, quick, accurate, and cost-effective.

As for installation, the one-piece cast iron base ensures extra rigidity and minimizes vibration. Standard features include a computer-driven vision system with a software program specifically designed for the FC-700 series truers and their various applications; an automatic power zoom; and, a 2-axis DRO for measurement.

The Model FC-700 series is available as a manual machine (FC-700W) or a semi-automatic version (FC-700EX.) The FC-700EX uses an advanced PLC control for semi-automatic wheel dressing cycles, which allows the machine operator to attend other tasks.

The machine is provided with a customized video software platform that simplifies high-tolerance truing and dressing. In addition to the auto-zoom capabilities, this system achieves standard magnification levels from 15x to 60x. An optional, high-magnification system achieves 30x to 120x magnification, for continuous, in-process optical inspection.

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