New 3D Laser Machining Series

Oct. 20, 2011
Advanced controls and resonator technology for new Mitsubishi designs
The VZ10 laser machining center, as well as the VZ20, is powered by a belt-drive system and includes a focal lens for faster processing of thin materials.

MC Machinery Systems Inc. is introducing a new series of 3D laser machines, the VZ machines it indicated are designed with an emphasis on accuracy and flexibility for complex processing. The VZ10 and VZ20 machines are supplied with advanced controls and resonator technology, for maximum standards of productivity.

MC Machinery Systems Inc. is a Mitsubishi company that designs and supplies wire and sinker EDM systems, waterjet machines, press brake system, high-speed vertical machine centers, and EDM drilling systems, along with laser processing machinery.

The VZ series laser machines are powered by a belt-drive system rather than a pinion-gear system, for greater reliability. The Dross Reduction Control capability combines real-time power ramping with acceleration or deceleration, to reduce thermal influence and dross adhesion, decreasing the need for post-process deburring.

The VZ10 machine includes a focal lens for faster processing of thin materials; zero-offset head for a wider processing area and easier setup; 2× faster axial movement than previous models for higher overall processing speed; and a Z-axis that is 30% faster than previous Mitsubishi laser machine models.

The VZ20 is available with a sixth axis, and supplied with several exchangeable head options. These include a thick-plate head, capable of cutting mild steel up to 0.75 in. thick; a welding head, for high-speed welding capabilities; a non-capacitive head with slim design, to reduce interference to the workpiece; and an H-axis head that adapts to part height automatically when processing formed parts.

The new LC30T Mitsubishi control offers operators a powerful and easy-to-use interface. The 15-inch color, touch-screen display allows better visual recognition and operability. It also delivers graphics faster than comparable systems, and it has a USB port for faster data transfer. It is equipped with a 20 GB hard drive and Windows-based, high-speed NC.

Mitsubishi’s patented three-axis, cross-flow resonator design delivers the highest cutting power per watt among commercial laser processing machines. The simplified resonator design eliminates the need for glass tubes and turbine blower systems, and it requires two to five times less maintenance than other laser equipment on the market, according to the machine designers.

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