Precision and Accuracy Highlight New Milling, EDM, Automation Solutions

Sept. 8, 2011
GF AgieCharmilles to premiere a range of new technologies at EMO 2011

GF AgieCharmilles plans to introduce two new milling centers at EMO Hannover 2011 this month, among six major product introductions at that event. First, the Mikron HSM 600U LP is a high-speed machining center for prototype production, diemaking, and automated, low-volume series production where accuracy and surface finish are critical.

Also new will be the Mikron HPM 450U, a high-performance milling machine with a new torque rotary/tilt table for unencumbered five-axis machining, and a spindle well suited for all applications from micro to macro. In addition to these new machines, GF AgieCharmilles will present its Mikron HPM 800U HD, an automated five-axis, high-output compact machining center with various pallet magazines.

AgieCharmilles also plans to demonstrate its Mikron HSM 400 LP Precision, too, calling it a machine that “takes automated production of micro components for the die and mold sector to new heights in accuracy and surface finish.”

As for electrical discharge machining — a GF AgieCharmilles technical specialty — four new EDM products will be unveiled at EMO 2011: the FORM 300 vP with System 3R WPT1+ automation, a versatile, diesinker EDM system characterized by “autonomy and flexibility”; the FORM 200 mS diesinker EDM, equipped with a rotary tool changer; the CUT 2000 OilTech wire EDM that uses oil as a dielectric for superior surface protection; and the DRILL 300, a 5-axis hole-drilling EDM machine.

For accuracy in wire EDM processing, the AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 is specially designed for micro applications and equipped with a new Integrated Vision Unit, which provides optical access to part details not available from a 3D probe. The CUT 200 wire EDM is a version that GF indicated will improve productivity while offering greater autonomy over production costs and quality. The FORM 1000 diesinker machine will be paired with the new System 3R WPT1+ robot.

Also at EMO, GF AgieCharmilles indicates it will present new automation solutions for managing complete manufacturing process flows. This will include CAD/CAM programming, workshop management, traceability, and handling.

For handling, GF AgieCharmilles the Rotary Tool Changer (RTC), a compact and modular robot; and the WPT1+ robot, and affordable and flexible unit available in four configurations for die-sinking EDMs (but also compatible with milling and laser equipment) will be introduced. The WPT1+ is available in numerous design variations, and gives end users a full range of automation options for their applications and provides the capability to address parts and tooling for two machines at once.

GF AgieCharmilles’ will demonstrate its clean, accurate and flexible laser ablation technology with the LASER 1000 5Ax, one of its six laser ablation process machines. It's a system that applies fine textures in numerous industrial and consumer applications from automotive to consumer and luxury goods.

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