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July 14, 2011
Weiler to introduce sustainability strategy at EMO
This Weiler VC plus precision lathe for training machinists is equipped with the new e-TIM energy saving system and the e-LISSY trainee-operator system.

Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH will be introducing a “sustainability strategy” later this year at EMO Hannover 2011, one that covers the entire lifecycle of its precision lathe machines, “from production, through operation and finally to recycling,” it said. It also emphasizes that this is the most economical operation available for its own equipment. Conserving resources during production has been a part of Weiler’s strategy for reducing CO2 emissions in its own manufacturing by about one-third between 2005 and 2011.

Weiler manufactures conventional and cycle-controlled precision lathes, CNC precision lathes, and radial drilling machines. Among the innovations it will introduce at EMO is a compact conventional precision lathe equipped with the Weiler VC plus user-friendly display and electronic control.

Another introduction will be the e-TIM system that monitors and regulates energy consumption using three functions: a drive unit that continually feeds brake energy back to the power supply system, at the same time that auxiliary equipment not in use is automatically powered down. And, if the machine is not in operation, “e-TIM“ will shift it into stand-by mode after a predefined period of time.

Another option developed by Weiler is the “e-LISSY“ Learner-IdentificationS-System, which it promotes as suitable for vocational use: With this system, individual access authorization for each student operator can be established and adjusted according to the skill level during training.

Also, Weiler will exhibit new universal precision lathes for high accuracy, efficient, smooth-surface turning. Models are available with different center distances and equipped with a frequency-regulated, three-phase current with integrated main spindle brake, easy-to-operate and ergonomically located control and adjustment elements, and a clear and easy-to-read digital spindle speed display.

From its radial drilling machine product line, Weiler will present the VOM 50 model for portable deployment. This machine is easy to transport and enables seven-axis tool positioning. Usually it’s used for drilling and friction work, to cut threads at construction sites and in machine installation. It has a drilling capacity in steel of up to 50 mm and is simple to operate for a wide range of applications.

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