New Milling Options for Portable Flange Facers

Feb. 24, 2011
On-site heavy-duty flange facers can be configured for single-point and/or milling operations
Climax Portable Machine Tools’ optional set-ups allow machinists to choose the metals removal configuration that’s right for them based on the projects they do and surface finishes they need to achieve.

Climax Portable Machine Tools is offering machinists a choice of three configurations with its new line of heavy-duty portable flange facers. Specifically, machinists who repair and maintain flanges and seals on-site can identify and select portable flange facers for single-point machining only, for milling only, or for both milling and single-point machining.

The supplier — which has operations in Newberg, Ore., as well as Duren, Germany, and supplies customized on-site machining packages, engineering consulting services, customized training programs, and a full line of portable machine tools — reported that the new grinding arm and head can provide nearly four times the metal-removal capabilities as single-point machining, and generate a finer surface finish. An optional grinding head is also available that allows users to achieve fine surface finishes of 0.32 ra or better.

Because the new line of flange facers switch easily between facing and milling operations, machinists using the tools effectively get two machines in one, saving time and money. The new configuration options ultimately give machinists greater flexibility in how they approach on-site machining projects.

“Corrective maintenance of leaking or corroded flanges and other heavy equipment is one of the most significant operations and maintenance expenses, sometimes resulting in complete shutdown of the equipment, pipeline or plant,” said Geoff Gilmore, president and CEO of Climax Portable Machine Tools. “By having more options for spec’ing their flange facers, Climax customers can tackle a variety of jobs while minimizing tool change out. Jobs get done faster.”

Incorporated into the single-point flange facer models is a patented safety feature that lets operators adjust the feed rate while the machine is still running, without having to reach into the machine. The machines can be mounted either on the inside or outside diameter of the flange, and achieve infinitely variable feed rates from 0.002 to 0.035-inches/rev (0.0508 to 0.889 mm/rev). Their tool heads can be rotated a full 360 degrees, providing the ability to machine angular surfaces as needed.

Portable flange facers and milling machines provide powerful, rigid performance throughout a variety of machining projects, such as in petrochemical plants, on oil and gas pipelines, on ships and at power generation facilities. These tools’ modular design allows easy transport to the job site, and setup and disassembly can be done quickly. Using the tools, machinists achieve fast and accurate metals removal of demanding flange surfaces.

The new flange facer models are available in three sizes:
Climax FF6200, with a facing range from 20 to 50 inches (508 to 1,270 mm);
Climax FF7200, with a facing range of 30 to 72 inches (762 to 1,829 mm); and
Climax FF8200, with a facing range of 45 to 120 inches (1,143 to 3,048 mm).

Climax Portable Machine Tools explains that it “pioneered the portable machine tools concept 45 years ago”, and today is the world’s largest supplier of portable machine tools in standard and custom-built packages, with 23 issued patents with four patents pending.

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