Simultaneous 3-Axis Drilling, Marking and Sawing

July 7, 2011
New Knuth package is easy to control, operate, and customize
The three-axis BeamCenter CNC 1200 has an available working space of 47X31 in. for sawing, with four station tool changers per spindle.

KNUTH Machine Tools USA Inc. is introducing a new CNC Saw and Drill Press Center, allowing users to perform three-axis drilling, marking, and sawing simultaneously. The BeamCenter CNC 1200 offers productive beam production that is centrally controlled and easily customizable, according to the developer.

KNUTH Machine Tools USA is the business unit representing Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in the Western Hemisphere.

The new CNC Saw and Drill Press Center is capable of fast and efficient drilling operation thanks to three-axis design and four station tool changers per spindle. Its sawing work envelope measures 47X31 in., and the swivel range is +60°/-45°. The machine is designed with a feed and discharge unit, with material positioning possible up to 66 ft. A movable embossing head makes material marking reliable and accurate.

KNUTH is outfitting the BeamCenter CNC 1200 with a Siemens SIMATIC PC control, so programs for automatic operation can be captured, edited, and managed directly at the machine. Its easy-to-use input templates (masks) provide direct access to all machine and machining data.

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