The Mazak INTEGREX i-450H ST multi-tasking center.

Multi-Tasking Center Emphasizes Part-Processing Versatility

Sept. 28, 2022
A full CNC turning center is expanded with a second turning spindle, plus a milling spindle and a lower turret with optional rotary tool capabilities – for single set-up production in an automation-ready design.

At IMTS 2022, the MAZAK INTEGREX i-450H ST multi-tasking center showed its part-processing agility with the power of a full CNC turning center and the versatility of a full-function machining center. The INTEGREX i-450H ST is designed with a second turning spindle (S) to execute Mazak’s “DONE IN ONE® machining” capability, along with a milling spindle and lower turret (T) with optional rotary tool capabilities. This configuration minimizes fixturing, part handling, and non-cut time to boost productivity.

The main spindle incorporates a 12-in. chuck and produces a maximum speed of 3,300 rpm from a 50 hp, 37KW 40% ED spindle motor.

The INTEGREX i-450H ST’s maximum machining diameter is 26.380 in. (670 mm), and the main spindle’s 4.4-in. (112 mm) diameter bore accommodates bar stock up to 4 in. (101 mm) in diameter.

The second turning spindle expands processing flexibility with a 10-in. chuck, 35-hp (26-kW) and 4,000-rpm cutting, and the milling spindle provides B-axis travel of 240° with cutting speeds up to 12,000 rpm.

An automatic tool changer supplies the milling spindle from a 38-, 74-, or 112-tool magazine. For fast part changeovers, the INTEGREX i-450H ST features an optional auto-chuck changer with 10-jaw stockers located on each spindle and operated via program commands.

The machine’s parallel-type, 12-tool lower turret offers a rotary tool option with 10,000 rpm and 10 hp (7.5KW). With this feature, manufacturers can balance cutting with the milling spindle and lower turret, or carry out simultaneous machining with two tools. The turret accommodates 1-in. (25-mm) turning tools or 1.5-in. (40-mm) diameter boring bars.

The machine enclosure, tool magazine, and optional auto jaw changer are designed to accommodate a comprehensive range of automation technologies, including gantry loaders, bar feeders, and articulating robots.

The machine’s MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC allows the INTEGREX i-450H ST to complete standard, specialized operations such as crankshaft inclined drilling and gear skiving.

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