Chiron Group
The Chiron Group Micro5 has a high-performance milling spindle that reduces machining time compared to larger machines.

Compact 5-Axis Machine for High Precision

June 29, 2022
The Micro5 has a small footprint and consumes less energy than conventional systems, but offers high stiffness, accuracy, and repeatability for machining small parts for microprecision applications.

CHIRON GROUP plans to demonstrate the Micro5 at IMTS 2022 – booth 134542 – a compact five-axis machine that the developer claims guarantees maximum precision for small, microtechnical workpieces in watchmaking, medical, jewelry, and small electronics manufacturing.

With a 5:1 ratio of machine to workpieces, five-times lower weight, and a lower energy consumption than conventional systems, the five-axis Micro5 machining center is compact, and quick and easy to set-up almost anywhere.

The Micro5 offers high static stiffness, repeatability of 0.5 μm, and target accuracy of 2 μm. With excellent thermal stability, very high dynamic rigidity, and acceleration of 2g, the compact machine is made for HSM.

The central element of the Micro5 – comparable in size to a refrigerator – is a high-performance milling spindle that reduces the machining time significantly compared to larger machines. Thanks to its high rigidity, the compact, five-axis machining center also ensures high precision and optimal surface quality. At just 500 Watts, the Micro5 also consumes very little energy. It’s operated simply by an intuitive HMI panel. And with a noise level under 50 decibels, it’s quieter than a dishwasher.

Early users of the Micro5 wanted the machine to allow automatic loading for higher production capacity.  For that capability, Chiron provides the Feed5, a six-axis robot for automated loading and unloading. As compact as the Micro5, the Feed5 is particularly useful for enabling increased autonomy and productivity for longer production runs. The maximum workpiece size for the Micro5 is 50 x 50 x 50 mm (L x W x H.)

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