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Gch Machinery Dualheadgrinder 800

Grinding Machine Rebuilt for EV Transmission Parts

Oct. 14, 2021
GCH Machinery applied more efficient power and better environmental controls, so the fully automated dual-head grinder can process two sides of a part simultaneously.

Grinding-machine builder automaker reported some details of a recent project to rebuild a dual-head grinder unit designed by another supplier for finish-machining transmission parts for an automaker’s electric-vehicle program. High-efficiency motors and a mist-containment system are some new features of the project, which overall supported the automaker’s environmentally friendly manufacturing initiative.

“Before reviewing the specifications of the car builder, we had a number of ideas of how to best-serve the EV industry,” according to GCH Machinery president Dan Geddes. “Everyone is going green, and as a cutting-edge grinder remanufacturer we will play an important role in the EV industry.”

The fully automated grinder, with two separate and independent grinding wheel spindles, can process two ends of a transmission part simultaneously to avoid the need for a second grinder. Also, the machine’s ability to process specific sections of the part at the same time promotes greater part accuracy, which is critical to any transmission.

“We took an older machine that wasn’t able to hold size and was difficult to keep in operation due to its many older components, and retooled it for two brand-new EV parts,” Geddes explained. “The automated turnkey system produces parts that meet the automaker’s tight tolerances.”

Other new features of the remanufactured grinder include updated electrical controls, an internal robot, an in-process part gaging system, an HMI touch screen, a wheel balancer, an automatic part de-oiler and new lubrication, pneumatic and electrical systems.

In addition, the rebuilt grinder meets all of the automaker’s green standards as well as the safety standards established by the UL – the global safety-certification agency.

“We know that more and more of our automotive partners are offering hybrid and electric vehicles. GCH has remanufactured thousands of grinders for customers worldwide. Our proven process translates perfectly to the needs of the growing EV industry,” according to Geddes, further noting that the machine-builder is “actively implementing ways to cut our own carbon footprint.”

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