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Compact, User-Friendly Intro to Five-Axis Machining

Aug. 13, 2020
Mazak's Variaxis C-600 VMC addresses machine shops' expectations for increased machining speed, stability and power, with maximum tool capacity and flexible automation options.

MAZAK CORPORATION introduced and demonstrated its newest vertical machining center on August 11, during the first of its All Axes LIVE online presentations. The new Variaxis C-600 is offered as an entry-level, five-axis machine that is available for automated production.

Apart from being user friendly and compact ("… a solid 'first step' into five-axis machining for some shops"), the VARIAXIS C-600 addresses expectations for increased machining speed, stability and power, with maximum tool capacity and flexible automation options.

As an initial automation option, shops can have a two-pallet changer installed on the Variaxis C-600, to reduce downtime associated with part loading and unloading.

But, for further automation integration, the Variaxis C-600 offers both front and side automatic door operation. The machine’s full front door opening gives outstanding, and ergonomical, user access. An automatic side door allows shops to load and unload parts at the side of the machine with a robot, freeing up the machine’s front work area and eliminating any interference between automation and operators at the front door.

Side loading gives shops the option to add standard, pre-engineered robotic part-loading systems to single-pallet/table machine configurations. In such an installation, the Variaxis C-600 can be equipped with through-pallet hydraulics and pneumatics. Shops can mount fixtures to the machine’s table, and upon part loading, the workholding triggers automatic part clamping.

The Variaxis C-600 offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-tool magazines as well as “random access” tool magazines to cut down wait time typically involved with other types of fixed-address tool systems.

Mazak offers four spindle options for the Variaxis C-600: In addition to the standard 12,000-rpm CAT40 spindle, 15,000-rpm, 18,000-rpm and 20,000-rpm options are available in CAT 40, Big Plus or HSK A-63 types. The 12,000-rpm spindle with a motor output of 11/11 kW (40%ED/cont.) and torque of 70/57.3 Nm (40%ED/cont.) comes standard on the Variaxis C-600, delivering a high cost-to-performance ratio and is well-suited for machining steel, cast iron and aluminum.

The 15,000-rpm spindle with a motor output of 46/37 kW (40% ED/cont.) and maximum torque of 200/131 Nm (40% ED/cont.) is a high-power/high-torque option that boosts productivity for cutting stainless steel, titanium, Inconel and other high-temperature alloys. It also provides the torque needed for running large-diameter tooling effectively.

The 18,000-rpm spindle is a high-speed option with a spindle motor output of 30/26 kW (40% ED/cont.) and torque of 105/88 Nm (40% ED/cont.)

The 20,000-rpm spindle option delivers a motor output of 42/26 kW (40% ED/cont.) and torque of 161/103 Nm (40% ED/cont.). Both high-speed spindles achieve aggressive material removal rates, especially in aluminum machining. These spindles also are suitable for shops that run small-diameter tools for light, fast cuts in finishing operations.

For control, the Variaxis C-600 is powered by Mazak's new Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC, developed specifically to maximize full five-axis machining performance while running peripheral functions. With this new CNC, Mazak is offering a dedicated multitasking and five-axis control. Mazak emphasized that Mazatrol SmoothAi control and associated software packages provide digital enhancements that add efficiency and value throughout the machining process with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data management technology.

The Variaxis C-600 features a 36-in. pallet height, which puts the center of the machine’s table 39 inches away and within comfortable reach for the average operator. The machine’s control pendant is mounted close to the front door and swings/pivots to accommodate users.

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