Unisig Un Eseries 1540

Next-Generation Gundrilling Machines Emphasize Flexibility, Performance

June 25, 2020
UNISIG's new UNE machine-tool product line is engineered and designed to simplify gundrilling for shops with high-volume/low-mix or low-volume/high-mix manufacturing programs.

UNISIG is introducing a new series of gundrilling machines for manufacturers with high-volume/low-mix or low-volume/high-mix manufacturing programs. The UNE Series gundrilling machines offer operational flexibility with improved performance standards and "effortless" operating requirements. The UNE Series is engineered \ to simplify gundrilling for all those involved in a shop's manufacturing process, and covers a range of gundrilling applications, including firearms, automotive, medical, energy, defense and aerospace.

With five models built from two frame sizes, the UNE Series can drill hole diameters from 1.4 to 40 mm and depths up to 3,000 mm. The compact frame construction saves floor space: Each machine can fit in close to an existing machining center, lathe or Swiss-style machine — for efficient part-processing.

Built for quick and easy set-up, the UNE machines are small enough to be relocated when necessary. For flexibility to grow with future production needs, all UNE models are robot-ready, so shops may add a robot whenever it fits into its budget and production schedule.

“Our feature-rich UNE machines give customers a compact gundrilling solution equipped with the ability to grow alongside them,” stated Anthony Fettig, CEO. “A lot of job shops and OEMs have the desire to automate but lack a timeline to do so. Our UNE Series gives them gundrilling benefits for today. It also provides them with security for tomorrow knowing that they can further improve production by adding automation.”

Several features contribute to UNE Series performance and productivity. The single main spindle servo motor delivers the horsepower necessary for two-spindle machines. When power is applied in single-spindle mode, however, shops can produce larger-diameter holes to increase capabilities and add new business without adding a new machine.

The UNE Series features a programmable flow-based coolant-delivery system designed to provide the right amount of coolant to the tool’s cutting edge. This means the operator means can confidently predict tool breakage and spend less downtime recovering an interrupted process.

Powered by Siemens, UNE Series machines feature intuitive controls that give operators a full process picture at a glance, on a color interface with touchscreen capabilities.

Ergonomically designed and engineered with the building owner and operator in mind, UNE machines offer an automated door option, which can benefit companies with or without automation. “Adding an automated door eliminates the repetitive task of opening and closing machine doors,” Anthony said. “Not only does this reduce fatigue, but it improves throughput and gives the operator an opportunity to focus on adding value in other areas.”

All UNE bases are FEA-optimized and machined on five sides in single setup. This simplifies installation, with no foundation work required, and three-point leveling on machines rated up to 1,000 mm length.

Learn more at www.unisig.com/uneseries.

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