Advancements in Barfeeding

Advancements in Barfeeding

The Patriot 338 and 551 barfeeders from Edge Technologies.

The Patriot 338 and Patriot 551 from Edge Technologies represent advancements in the design and manufacture of economical 12-ft magazine barfeeders for the production-turning industry. The 338 feeds stock diameters from 3 mm to 38 mm, and the 551’s range is from 5 mm to 51 mm.

Patriot barfeeders feature easyto- use, hand-held remote pendant controls, touch screens with menudriven parameter selection for simple programming, and memory storage for as many as 36 jobs to speed changeovers. During operation, bar stock rotates in polyurethane guide channels that are flooded with oil to create a hydrodynamic effect for higher rpm and less noise and vibration. Channel sets quickly change over and handle a wide range of stock sizes. A Swiss Package that includes a synchronization device and telescopic nose is also available for both barfeed models.

Multifunction bed mill

Southwestern’s Trak DPM SX5 bed mill.

Southwestern Industries Inc.’s Trak DPM SX5 bed mill with the ProtoTrak SMX control, operates manually or as a 2 or 3-axis CNC. The machine’s solid ram moves up and down for Z-axis operation and provides mass behind heavy cuts. Standard machine features include mechanical variable-speed heads that can be upgraded with electronic heads to give shops programmable spindle speeds and the ability to tap.


Weiler’s Nylox disc brushes.
The S2-30 spindle finishing machine from Almco.

Aimed at in-machine CNC deburring of flat surfaces, Weiler Corp.’s Nylox disc brushes operate as collections of flexible files that remove burrs and radius sharp edges as the discs rotate and move across part surfaces. The brushes are compliant tools, so they remove burrs and finish surfaces without altering part dimensions. Shops save time and money being able to deburr and finish in one setup with the brushes.

For deburring small gears and complex machined parts, the S2-30 compact high-production spindle finishing machine finishes up to 480 pieces per hour with uniformity, consistency and process repeatability. According to the machine’s builder, Almco Inc., spindle finishing offers numerous benefits not possible with conventional finishing equipment, high precision and extreme accuracy.

Shops mount parts on the S2-30’s air-actuated collets or I.D. expanding collets at the ends of rotating spindles. These spindles then pivot into a rotating tub, placing workpieces in a stream of abrasive slurry moving at speeds as fast as 2,000 ft per minute. Centrifugal force spins the slurry into a form-fitting “grinding wheel” while slow part rotation in the mass ensures uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces.

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